In the grand tradition of the quintessential “year end best of” list—I give you…



TomG’s NerdRemix Best of 2012 Awards!


        Again, I’ve had the opportunity to review a plethora of indie films this year, and this, dear readers, is in my humble opinion, the best of the best—here goes!


Best Film-Feature


“The Orphan Killer”

Matt Farnsworth’s brutal, bloody love letter the horror genre is an instant classic!


Runner Up--“The Black Dahlia Haunting”


Best Film-Anthology or Collection


Psycho Street

A deviant study in sexual/body horror in easily digestible bites!


Runner Up—“Gallery of Fear”


Best Short Film


“Noirmageddon: A Mark Anvil Thriller”

Yes, he did it again, Berdinski’s best yet.


Runner Up--“Rose White”


Best Web Series


“The Chainsaw Sally Show-Season 2”

Again, Sally dispatches all comers with quality and story!


Runner Up—“In Fear Of”


Best Director-Feature Film


Brandon Slagle-“The Black Dahlia Haunting”


Runner Up—Matt Farnsworth-“The Orphan Killer”


Best Director-Anthology or Collection


Anthony G. Sumner-“Lewis” from “Psycho Street


Runner Up--Patrick Desmond-“Anti-Bodies” from “Psycho Street


Best Director-Short Film


Christian Grillo-“Eliza’s Diary”


Runner Up--Thomas Berdinski—“Noirmageddon”


Best Director-Web Series


Scott W. Perry-“In Fear Of”


Runner Up--JimmyO Burril-“The Chainsaw Sally Show-Season 2”


Best Actor-Feature Film


Gavin Brown-“found.”


Runner Up—Alexei Ryan-“My Pure Joy”


Best Actress-Feature Film


Devanny Pinn-“The Black Dahlia Haunting”


Runner Up—Diane Foster-“The Orphan Killer”


Best Actor-Anthology or Collection


Marv Blauvelt-“Hypochondriac” from “Psycho Street


Runner Up—Jerry Murdock-“Lewis” from “Psycho Street


Best Actress-Anthology or Collection


Kaylee Williams-“Anti-Bodies” from “Psycho Street


Runner up--Debbie Rochon-“Gallery of Fear”


Best Actor-Short Film


Robert Nolan-“Familiar”


Runner Up—Jeff Bromley-“Noirmageddon”


Best Actress-Short Film


Deneen Melody-“Rose White”


Runner Up—Carmella Hayslett-“Eliza’s Diary”


Best Actor-Web Series


JimmyO Burril-“The Chainsaw Sally Show-Season 2”


Runner Up-David Marancik-“In Fear Of”


Best Actress-Web Series


April Monique Burril-“The Chainsaw Sally Show-Season 2”


Runner Up—Nicolette LeFaye-“The Chainsaw Sally Show-Season 2”


        And now—the “Rest” of the categories!!


Best Boobs


“The Chainsaw Sally Show-Season 2”

Again, this year’s winner combines quality and quantity!


Most Likely To Make You Feel Bad For Laughing So Much


“Sloppy the Psychotic”

Seriously, nothing is sacred in this film.


Best Gore


“I Spill Your Guts”

Balsamo just keeps getting better because he knows what we like!!


Pimp Of The Indie Horror World


David Marancik

This guy not only managed to have sex with both April AND JimmyO Burril in “The Chainsaw Sally Show”, but also had (albeit post-mortem) relations with Debbie Rochon in “In Fear Of”—you, sir, should have your genitals BRONZED!!



        Well that’s it. Hope you liked it again this year, look these films up and support indie horror, and direct all hate mail to: