NerdRemix Best of 2013 Awards


So, here we have it, my favorite things, by category, of the films I reviewed this year!





Best Director-Feature Film


Ivan Zuccon-"Wrath of the Crows”


Runner Up—Jessica Cameron-“Truth or Dare"


Best Director-Short Film


Jason Hoover-"I Am  No One" (segment from "The Collective V.6")

Runner Up--Brian Williams-"Play Me"


Best Director-Web/T.V. Series


Paul Gorman-“WISP”



Best Actor-Feature Film


Jim O'Rear-“Post Mortem, America 2021”


Runner Up—Joey Pollari-"Profile of a Killer”


Best Actress-Feature Film


Tiffany Shepis-"Wrath of the Crows”


Runner Up—Emily Fradenburgh-"Profile of a Killer"



Best Actor-Short Film


Mark Balfour-“Prescott Place


Runner Up—Whoever the Hell played Charles Lake--"I Am No One"


Best Actress-Short Film


Alexis Iacono-“Prescott Place


Runner Up—Ellie Church-“Play Me”


Best Horror/Comedy





        And now—the “Rest” of the categories!!


Best Boobs


Angelina Leigh--“Indie Director”

Again, this year’s winner combines quality and quantity!



Best Gore


“The Cemetery”

Ahlbrandt excels at fucking up the human body!!


Best Use of Bodily Fluids (other than blood)



Mike O'Mahony & Co. sling the feces with reckless abandon--and it's hilarious!



There ya go!! Feel free to argue, but this is my not-so-humble opinion. See you next year!