NerdRemix's Top 13 of 2013


In the grand tradition of really lame "best of" lists, here are, in no particular order, the best films I reviewed in 2013.



1. "Wrath of the Crows"-Dir. Ivan Zuccon

Moody, atmospheric, and creepy-as-fuck, "Wrath" also succeeds because of benchmark performances from: Debbie Rochon, Tiffany Shepis and Tara Cardinal.


2. "Truth of Dare"-Dir. Jessica Cameron

Boundary pushing, wince inducing cinema from first time director Cameron, this film proves that nothing, literally, is "off limits"


3. "House of Bad"-Dir. Jim Towns

3 girls, stolen heroin, and a ghost--suspenseful, cleverly paced, noir-ish, and...Sadie Katz.


4. "The Cemetery"-Dir. Adam Ahlbrandt

Just try to watch this gory love letter to the "vengeful spirit" genre without out getting freaked the fuck out at some point...just try.


5. "One Hour To Die"-Dir. Philip Gardiner

A unique approach to a somewhat familiar premise, the mostly ad-libbed script is elevated by mesmerizing  performances by Melanie Denholme and Jessica Messenger.


6. "I.B.S."-Dir. Mike O'Mahoney

Low-brow, juvinile, filled with, near constant, poop jokes--I loved every blood soaked, feces splattered moment.


7. "Post Mortem, America 2021"-Dir. Cameron Scott

Genre storytelling on a grand scale, with a nearly perfect ensemble cast. The zombie plotline remains mostly in the background until the "Romero-esque" final act. Scott FTW!


8. "The Ballad of Skinless Pete"-Dir. Dustin Mills

An uneasy balance of humor, horror and heart, with plenty of "holy shit they did that on this budget" moments. Extremely well done film with moving, emotional, performances.


9. "Indie Director"-Dir. Bill Zebub

Hilarious, spot-on, and plenty of hot girls. Zebub should start an indie film academy and use this as a video textbook.


10. "Conjoined"-Dir. Joe Grisaffi

Grisaffi directed a real gem of a horror/comedy film that does nearly everything right.


11. "Blood Slaughter Massacre"-Dir. Manny Serrano

A loving, accurate homage to 80's slashers, you almost expect a topless Linnea Quigley to run across frame...


12. "Exhumed"-Dir. Richard Griffin

Shot in striking black & white, this creepy, surreal film offers a different take on the "family of psychos" film with an ambiguous plot line and an un-nerving turn from Debbie Rochon.


13. "The Legend of the Red Reaper"-Dir. Tara Cardinal

Equal parts: Conan, Red Sonya, and Xena, "Red Reaper" features great action, excellent period authenticity, and an absolutely amazing performance by the stunning Ms. Cardinal which overcomes any flaws. Great stuff.



Well, there you have it, 13 films that made the year worth watching. Of course not everyone will agree, but try and watch a few of these if you haven't already, and support indie cinema!!


-Scream King Tom