Scream Queen and the Real Life Horror



His name was Geoff.

Yesterday was the
10 kilometer 2010 AIDS walk. You, my friends, fans, friends of friends, strangers, and one very special person

donated and donated and donated. For the past few days my donation page link was posted on over 400 facebook pages. But there was one thing missing. His name was Geoff and he's been missing for a very long time now.

There are so many real life horrors on this planet. It's not my place to rank them, or judge them. I can tell you, for me, losing someone close to me, at a fragile age, has been one of the harder things to cope with. The finality of death has been the inspiration for many fantasy projects - books, movies - anything where we can imaggine death as being temporary, or better yet, reversible.

Geoff was a friend of the family; I'd known him since I was a kid. When we were teenagers, it became a little more than that.

The AIDS walk was lined with supporters - cheerleaders, dancers, musicians, MCs - anyone with a talent came out - in the raiin to support the supporters. But, as always, there was that one exception: A group of zealots who came to preach their special version of morality. They held signs that read "Homo Sex is a Sin" and other messages of judgment.

I had no doubt in my mind that I could take every single one of these jerks in a fight, one on one, or in a group. I would have been happy either way. A girl like me doesn't shy away from a good fight.

But a fight wasn't what I had in mind when I grabbed my camera, a crew, and ducked under the caution tape. Six steps later, LA's finest escorted me back into the walk. My stride always gives me away. :(
Really, I just wanted an interview. Really, I just had one question. What was the question you ask? I'll tell you. "What the fuck are you thinking?" I didn't get to ask the question, but I did get some video footage of the jerk-faces, soon to be uploaded to youtube.

Geoff wasn't gay. Nor was he a drug user. He was just a kid when he contracted HIV via a bad blood transfusion. AIDS wasn't what killed him, but it weakened his immunity so everything else he contracted could.

Hopefully the 2010 AIDS walk brought us a step closer to finding the cure. But in the mean time it was just nice to walk for Geoff, and everyone else who's gone down in this fight.