I'm writing a blog to say that I'm not writing.

Obviously my head is still spinning from the contemplation of nothing, everything, and the mystery of the universe.

Actually, it's spinning from the state of the world. I'm dealing with some family stuff, juggling a few films,
and working on a new novel for Legend of the Red Reaper with the amazingly talented Shayne Leighton.

So, since I have no words of wisdom for you directly, I'll leave you with the thoughts of greater minds than I..

On the subject of masculinity, but specifically being a man, I posed the question via my facebook: What does it mean to be a man?

Here are my two best responses (thank you Seana D, and Cyril A)

1. A man has a thick full beard topped by a bristly, voluminous mustache, the ends of which may be waxed to form sweeping curls.
2. A man will often wear pants that are too short, revealing his true self through sock choice.
3. Men own hammers and crowbars.
4. A man takes pride in strength and staying power of smells manufactured by his person. His pride is generous though; he gives no pause to sharing his creations.
5. Men watch sports and pledge eternal loyalties to other men they have never met based on their abilities to perform in that context.
6. Men will shift their weight to one hip and stroke their aforementioned beards anytime an car hood is raised, whether or not they have the knowledge to fix the problem.
7. Men will immediately loose all focus on matters at hand when an unknown attractive person passes in close proximity. They are also required to point said person out to other men.
8. A man generally sees underwear as mostly an inconvenience. (Except as it relates to women.)
9. Men always add 20 to
30 mph when describing to other men how fast their car will go. They will also claim to have driven their car at maximum speed when, in fact, they have not.
10. Men are awesome, incredible, infuriating, lovable, and intriguing... and I am grateful for the men in my life.

Ok so it seems like everyone is telling you and all the ladies what you look for in a man, but you want to know what we MEN really are like when there is no woman around... Well I may get my ass kicked by the Real Men of America Club Member...s, but I've always found myself to be a truthful person... So here it goes luv... Real Men:

1) Flirt with the ladies in Sports bars and at Hooters. Hell pretty much anywhere there's a hot lady at, we're flirting. But we NEVER touch..lol..
2) Talk about how much you ladies complain about every little thing, but then dismiss it and say we would never change a thing cuz we love you all that damn much..lol..
3) We talk about how great in bed you all are and all the kinky shit you ladies do.
4) We masturbate... Yes, I said it. We do damn it..haha..
5) We watch WWE and TNA...
6) When we're really bored we sometimes watch the Lifetime channel.. and the Disney channel...
7) And last but not least, we constantly check the time to make sure we're not late meeting up with our significant others...

I may have left some stuff out, but those are like the top 7 stuff we do when our ladies aren't around...haha... :)


For the record Cyril, I flirt my servers in restaurants and watch WWE and TNA. In fact I did a nude wrestling match / fight scene with former WWE wrestler Al Snow in the epic fantasy film Legend of the Red Reaper. I was nude, he wasn't.

(Please forgive shameless plug of my film).

I'll get back to you soon, with more really impressive stuff.

Happy American Thanksgiving!