Its human nature to be curious, to investigate to find out what it is that is greater than ourselves.

Ive often reveled in the migraines I give myself, contemplating the vastness of everything. And its origin.

I recently had cause to sit down with author Tess Jayme, a beautiful lady with a heart of gold, who shared with me her thoughts on the nature of the universe, humanity, and fine tea.

While in the midst of emotional drama well beyond the scope of this blog, Tess asked me to imagine a being  that was. And this being, being alone, wished to learn, and to create, but most importantly to experience. That made a whole lot of sense to me. If this being was anything like me, (and why wouldnt it be?) then I know I cant sit still without poking something to see if it bites. (It always bites, fyi).

And out of itself (because what else is there?) came all that is. And each unit of all that is has a job of experiencing. Each star in the sky has a job, just like each person on earth. It reminded me of a theory the late Eldon Byrd used to chat with me about. He proposed (although he probably wasnt the first to propose it, I think it was some Greeks way back in the day) that there are microcosms and macrocosms a theory which basically like when the road runner opens a big door, only to find a smaller door, which opens only to be faced with yet a smaller door and so on. (Thats the super simple explanation). But really, its like the human civilization being the macrocosm for the United States, which is a macrocosm for California, which is the macrocosm for LA (Im pushing it here), which is the macrocosm for a business, which could be a macrocosm for my family, which could be a macrocosm for my body. This is a whole new blog Im way off topic now. And you could apply social and economic and even judicial (stretch with me here!) norms to the macro/microcosms to get the idea of it.

I think I just bored myself -  lets get back to Tess, who is sipping tea, and pretending not to notice my Strawberry Shortcake pajamas.

So, Tess tells me that were all roses. And each rose has a job. But because were all made of the same stuff, were like roses on a bush. And if we dont expand our consciousness outside of our own stuff, we forget were all connected (like the song!). And this bush is just one bush amongst many, in a HUGE forest of rose bushes. Were all connected. That makes me a microcosm of planet earth. And connected to you, via my underground roots, branches, etc... to YOU, precious reader.

Well, that makes me feel a little less alone.