The Best…


            In keeping tradition with everyone having lame-ass, end-of-the-year “best of…” lists, I thought I’d throw together a list of what I thought were the best indie flicks I’ve reviewed for NerdRemix (and that other site…) in the last year (not necessarily released in 2010) in several categories (chosen by me). So before I start, know this, I’m listing a “best” and “runner-up”, and I’ve enjoyed a ton of movies this year and it’s extremely hard to narrow things down….



Best Actress in a Feature Length Film

Debbie Rochon-“Colour From the Dark”

Debbie’s in a ton of movies every year, but she really knocked it out of the park as a psycho/possessed rural Italian farmer’s wife in this Lovecraft based feature.


Runner-up—Devanny Pinn-“Song of the Shattered”

This girl is destined for greatness!


Best Actor in a Feature Length Film

Brandon Slagle-“15 Till Midnight

Great performance in a great film featuring subject matter that’s not easy to pull off, Brandon pulls it off masterfully.


Runner-up—Reg Land-“True Nature”

Excellent actor in a very cool film—now where the Hell IS it??


Best Actress in a Supporting Role-Feature

Deneen Melody-“Song of the Shattered”

One of the best death scenes ever!!!


Runner-up—Tara Cardinal-“Song of the Shattered”

Mentally challenged characters are a touchy thing, Tara succeeds!


Best Actor in a Supporting Role-Feature

Dan Grams-“The Italian Zombie Movie Parts 1 & 2”

Hilarious as misogynist “Ruggerro” in IZM and also had some of the best lines!


Runner-up—Jack Abele-“Death of the Dead”

Great comedic turn as “Master Sensei” in a hilarious film.


Best Actress-Short Film

Zoe Daelman Chlanda-“By Her Hand She Draws You Down”

Absolutely stunning, ‘nuff said!


Runner-up—Raine Brown-“Insatiable”

Creepy/sexy in a very experimental vampire short.


Best Actor-Short Film

Jerry Murdock-“By Her Hand She Draws You Down”

Fantastic! Just an awesome, emotional performance.


Runner-up—Jesse Kozel-“Candy”

Great job playing off the creepy mother!


Best Villian/Killer/Monster

April Monique Burril-Chainsaw Sally-“The Chainsaw Sally Show”

Sexy/scary/funny---what more do you need?


Runner-up--Bianca Barnett-Pig Bitch-“Albino Farm”

Pig Bitch!! Recognize!!


Best Director-Feature

Thomas Berdinski-“The Italian Zombie Movie Parts 1 & 2”

A close race, but you have to give the nod to guy who birthed not one, but two, 90 minute features for the price of none!


Runner-up--JimmyO Burril-“The Good Sisters”

Great occult shocker, with unbelievable tension and dread building to a crazy conclusion.


Best Director-Short Film

Anthony G. Sumner-“By Her Hand She Draws You Down”

Moody, grim, emotional—this is how it’s done.


Runner-up--Scott W. Perry-“Something Just”

Fantastic job! Someone give this guy some money to make a feature!!


Best Short Film

“By Her Hand She Draws You Down”

Probably the best short I’ve ever seen.


Runner-up—“Something Just”

Are you seeing a pattern here?


Best Feature Film

“Devil Girl”

This is what indie filmmaking is all about!! Awesome!!


Runner-up--“The Italian Zombie Movie Parts 1 & 2”

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you may just hurl!!