"A Grim Becoming"




Director: Adam Steigert


          When ambitious architect Raphael accidentally witnesses the Grim Reaper claiming a soul, while in town to attend a relative's funeral, he's suddenly saddled with a new vocation, and his life quickly (almost literally) goes to Hell.


          "A Grim Becoming" is a dark comedy that hits all of the right notes. Raphael (Brandyn T. Williams) is the ultimate reluctant hero, as he struggles to get his life back, while trading jabs with a "Reaper supervisor" of sorts, Magoo, played to perfect, scene-stealing effect by Michael Sciabarrasi. Indie horror queen Devanny Pinn turns in a fantastic performance as the suicidal grieving girlfriend of the deceased Lance, and portraying what is quite possibly the most uncomfortably creepy couple in cinema history are the incomparable Bill Oberst Jr. and Melantha Blackthorne (who still comes off as sexy as Hell, despite the make-up and wardrobe department's best efforts to the contrary). Rounding out the cast are Raphael's comely co-worker Carrie (the gorgeous Melyssa Jade), and Britt Griffith as Wayne, Raphael's business rival.


          The jokes work, the pace is fast, and like all excellent black comedies, "A Grim Becoming" knows when to get serious and when to go for the laughs. A perfect cast (featuring some great bit parts by Jessica Cameron as "Life" and a truly disturbing cameo by legend Lynn Lowery) and superb direction will have you laughing out loud and waiting for the next twist in the charming and engaging film. It's particularly entertaining to watch a cast of thespians mostly known for moody, heavy, horror films stretch their comedic legs and show off some hidden acting chops, and this cast certainly delivers in that regard.


          Dark, witty, clever, and devilishly funny, "A Grim Becoming" is one of the best horror/comedy films in the last decade. It sets a new bench-mark for indie films. See it. See it several times.



---Scream King Tom