"Call Girl of Cthulhu"



Directed By: Chris LaMartina

Written By: Jimmy George & Chris LaMartina


Principal Cast:

Carter Wilcox--David Phillip Carollo

Riley Whatley--Melissa O'Brien

Erica Zann--Nicolette LeFaye

Sebastian Suydum--Dave Gamble

Professor Edna Curwen--Helenmary Ball

Squid--Sabrina Taylor-Smith



          As a huge fan of Lovecraft's writings, it was with some trepidation that I sat down to watch "Call Girl of Cthulhu". Was it just another "take the piss" horror/comedy like a few recent ones that I won't mention here? Rife with "in jokes" aimed at both avid readers of HP's scribblings, as well as the casual fright fan, "Call Girl of Cthuhlu" was the most fun I've had watching a genre comedy in quite a long time!


          Director Chris LaMartina ("President's Day", and the criminally underrated "Witch's Brew") makes a gory, hilarious mess of the mythos. Featuring: babes, boobs, blood, Old Gods, mutant penises, tentacles, and a killer (literally) rack, "CGOC" is at times laugh-out-loud funny and lose-your-lunch gross.


        Shy, loser artist Carter (Carollo) plods through his daily life, dealing with: deadlines, his quirky musician roommate (LeFaye, who really shines here), her oafish boyfriend, and his cam-girl fap fantasy (Stephanie Anders). His life soon takes a turn for the worse when he meets, and then becomes involved with a mysterious, stunning call girl, Riley (O'Brien). His girlfriend/muse is being pursued by two very different groups who want a better look at her unique birthmark. Told in "flashback" form, the story unfolds pretty quickly, but manages to save a few twists for the end.


          A director is only as good as his cast and his script, and LaMartina makes excellent use of both here. The comedic interplay and sexual tension between Carollo and LeFaye is just perfect, and O'Brien really tears the screen up as the sexy, possibly cursed Riley. Plenty of great lines, Lovecraft (and even a Fulci) references abound, and fantastic pacing keep the viewer engaged and waiting for the next punchline.


          Technically the film is aces. Even sound, interesting camera work, and attention to detail on the sets and props, make "CGOC" look like a much bigger budgeted production, and that alone should help the film find an audience in a market often glutted with sub-par attempts at horror/comedy.


          Not since "Re-Animator" has Lovecraft's work been...well maybe not "adapted", but at least co-opted to such great effect! Watch "Call Girl of Cthulhu" when it drops--the Old Gods DEMAND it!!


Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn, bitches!!




Scream King Tom