"Dorchester's Revenge-The Return of Crinoline Head"




Written & Directed By: Tommy Faircloth


          A sequel to the late 90's slasher "Crinoline Head", "Dorchester's Revenge" is light on plot, heavy on stereotypical characters, and manages to rise above because of, rather than in spite of, those very things.


          This is a "slice 'em up at the ol' campground" flick at it's heart, and like the bygone co-ed carve-a-thons of the 80's, "Dorchester's Revenge" delivers all the hot girls, inventive kills, warnings from the past, masked stalkers, sex, drugs, and Debbie Rochon that makes a film worth viewing!


          Far from mindless, this film actually develops the characters before dispatching them. They're all here--the "hero" David (Christian James), his "damsel in distress" Shelby (Kirsten Ray), the "loser" James (Gunner Willis), the "stoner" Reggie (Cameron Turner), the "slut" Janet (the, wow, very awesome Elizabeth Mears) and the "tough" guy and girl, Scott (Nicolas Sweezer) & Donna (Leah Wiseman). The extended group of co-ed's tag along on David and James' expedition to investigate the old stomping grounds of legendary killer Crinoline Head (John Kap), while there, the systematic stalking and killing ensues.


          With a wink and a nod to classic genre fare like "Sleepaway Camp", "Dorchester" keeps things fresh with a great ensemble cast and fantastic writing. Nothing is sacred here--there's menstrual jokes, a sexy "booty drop" that takes a turn for the worse, plenty of "fade away" kills reminiscent of "Friday the 13th", and a down and dirty performance from the aforementioned Ms. Rochon. Everyone brings their acting A game, and the film takes a nice "whodunit" turn--it the killer really Dorchester? Or could he be the lone survivor from the past Professor Donner (Jason Vail--he was great in "Gut" by the way...)?


          "Dorchester's Revenge" is a rare bird indeed, a sequel that manages to retain the fun and fright of the original! This could be the "Empire Strikes Back" of indie horror!!



---Scream King Tom