"Fat Chance"




Directed By: Jim O'Rear & Daniel Emery Taylor

Written By: Daniel Emery Taylor


Principal Cast:

Greg-Daniel Emery Taylor

Andy-TJ Moreschi

Warren Gilley-Jim O'Rear

Natalie-Ava Cronin

Jeremy-Nick Huntsman

Stephani-Megan Hunt

Phillip-William Tolliver

Darc-Ernest Douglas Nichols

Jarrod-Jason Henry

Franklin-Scott Tepperman



          How can you top opening your low budget horror/comedy by giving the audience "Goddess" Bree Olson full frontal in a shower? By eviscerating her in a gloriously cheesy, "Psycho" inspired way! Featuring a great 80's Summer Camp film vibe (think "Sleepaway Camp", "Friday the 13th" or "The Burning"), over the top performances, a (literal) metric ton of casting choices, and more FUPAs than any indie flick in recent memory, "Fat Chance" is a fun ride.


          "By The Pound", a "Biggest Loser" type game show, begins shooting at a remote campground, but someone, with a grudge against the fatties, is picking them off one-by-one. Who will survive? And what will be left of them?? And what will be discovered next hidden under the man-tits of the contestants???


          Shameless fat jokes abound as Warren (O'Rear) and his very sexy assistant Natalie (Cronin-who has amazing comedic timing) attempt to salvage the show amid the carnage and over-eating. Taylor and Moreschi play a pair of ringers who seem to have the prize money in the bag, Nichols shines as a 2-ton Robert Smith clone (in a "Hospital" tee-shirt--nice plug guys!), Jason Henry is truly disturbing as the requisite gay guy, and Bower provides odd comic relief as aging "gangsta" Erik. Add in a romantic sub-plot involving Jeremy (Huntsman) and the impossibly cute Stephani (Megan Hunt) and you have an eclectic mix of victims for the heavy breathing, chicken bucket wearing killer.


          Fun, evenly paced, and oftentimes hilarious, "Fat Chance" is a great example of what can be done with a small budget and lots of enthusiasm for the material (played totally straight, which is why it works). O'Rear, who also plays the "aloof prick" with his usual aplomb, and Taylor , as co-directors, deftly work around any problems normally brought about by budget constraints by focusing on story and characters, all while managing to avoid being mean spirited by the near constant jabs at the obese cast. Taylor, particularly, delivers a Patton Oswalt derived performance that plays well with Moreschi's "doofus with a conscience". The kills and violence are handled with a tongue planted firmly in the cheek, and while the plot sometimes loses focus, the final act delivers a twist and a nod that wraps things up nicely for the viewer. All in all, a great effort by the directors and the huge ensemble cast.


          Is "Fat Chance" a perfect film? No. The film seems too long by about 30 minutes or so, subsequently, some scenes seem to drag on longer than they should (the cast introduction set piece is a prime example), and while the appearance by former pro-wrestler Al Snow is great, it comes across as "hey! we got Al Snow, let's write a part for him!", and doesn't really fit.


          These small bitches aside, "Fat Chance" promises, and delivers: giggles, girls, gore, girth, and great times! Check it out!!



Scream King Tom