Written & Directed By: Richard Chandler


        Ancient gods, government conspiracies, espionage, and the end of times. This and much more are intricately woven together in the ambitious low budget feature "Gilgamesh".


          Beantown film maker Richard Chandler reaches above and beyond 90% of indie films with this high concept genre blender. Equal parts action, spy thriller and splatter film combine to create a weird miasma, that, despite the obviously limited cash flow of the production, succeeds in being a highly entertaining, effective film that thoroughly entertains and keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat.


          Josh Davis and Melantha Blackthorne star as David and Kristen Murphy, a husband and wife archeology team who accidentally unleash a Sumerian god (Emily Coleman). A complex tale of espionage and a struggle between good and evil ensues, with the titular Gilgamesh (Oselito Joeseph) on a mission to save humanity or let events take their course.


          Great performances by Blackthorne, Davis, Joeseph, Coleman, Lilith Astaroth, and Chandler himself (including a spectacular turn by the rest of the cast), "Gilgamesh" aims very high, and more often than not, hits the mark. Great pacing, intriguing plot twists and an even hand at storytelling and direction make this film a rare gem indeed. You can tell special care was taken to take every advantage of sets and locations, as well as costuming, to craft a feature that sets a new benchmark for independent films. I can't say enough about how, despite it's endowment, this film impresses at every turn.


          Get this DVD, pop it into your player, and prepare to be taken into the brave new world of genre cinema! "Gilgamesh" is as good as it gets.


8/10--Scream King Tom