“Hallowed End” (2011)


Written By: Nicole Truett

Directed By: Daniel D. Smith


Principal Cast:

Daniel E. Taylor—“Hula”

Jennifer Proescher—“Lisa”

Frank Leone—“Ben”

Ryann M. Price—“Alex”

Chelsea Halverson—“Jessie”



          Featuring an amazing title sequence, a fun cast and an excellent soundtrack, “Hallowed End”, while nothing new plot wise, is an entertaining 22 minute short from Michigan that is a study in potential.


          Seriously, some of my favorite indie horror of late has come out of Michigan. I don’t know if it’s the weather or something in the water, or some sort of bizarre ancient curse—but Daniel D. Smith, like a lot of his neighbors, is doing good things in fright films. “Hallowed End” sports a familiar “Halloween party gone wrong” plot, but it manages to come across a fresh because of the enthusiasm brought to the project by the cast and crew.


          Great and fun characters, decent camera work, an even sound mix, and very cool special effects combine to raise this quality short film above most of the vanity projects that “Hallowed End’ probably shared festival screen time with. At this budget level, films, especially short films, often fall victim to the film makers sacrificing some element to punch up the other, luckily Smith & company avoid this by using solid writing, believable dialogue, and performances from their cast that seem almost eager.


          Scares, good effects, decent pacing/direction, and a cast that comes off like everyone had a blast making “Hallowed End” are, in the end, what makes it such an enjoyable way to kill 22 minutes for a fan on indie horror. And that, friends, is increasingly rare in the low budget short film world. Look for what’s next from Daniel Smith and Poison Apple, if this is an indication, it should be good.