"I'm Sorry"



Directed By: Derek Huey



          Houston area filmmaker Derek Huey ("Stalking Miss Barlow") is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in the indie horror/thriller arena. The short "I'm Sorry" should further cement his position as viable director of genre fare.


          Featuring a twisted, cerebral plot, superb acting, and some of the best editing I've seen in the medium in quite a while, "I'm Sorry" offers quite a bit more than it's budget would normally promise. Clocking in at under 10 minutes, the short manages to develop a surprisingly complex plot, involving a serial killer, the detectives charged with investigating the killings, the actual people involved in the crimes, and a very cool "shocker" ending, no small task considering the small amount of time given here. And the normal "low budget" trappings are virtually non existent here--the film proper has even audio, great lighting and an amazing attention to detail with the cinematography, this is short scale film done right!!


          Bottom line--"I'm Sorry" excels, there's a lot of quality stuff going on here! You can tell this short was made with a group that works well together and puts performance first and foremost. Potential is a great thing, as long as it delivers, and "I'm Sorry" is a great showcase for a smart group of filmmakers, actors and crew, that are focusing on honing their craft and flexing some major cinematic muscles--check it out!!


8/10--Scream King Tom