“In Fear Of…” (2012)



Produced by: Scott W. Perry and Jeremiah Kipp


                With absolutely stunning visuals, great performances, and more original ideas than most genre scripters have in a lifetime, “In Fear Of”, a 6 part web series debuting this Halloween from Slick Devil Entertainment, offers something for everyone.


                The fun kicks off with “Monophobia: Fear of Being Alone” (directed by Scott W. Perry), a seriously fucked ‘relationship’ story starring the always fun David Marancik and one of my personal heroes (and if she isn’t one of yours—you should really take a good, hard look at yourself) the incomparable Debbie Rochon. The ‘demented duo’ of Marancik and Rochon really ratchet the sick fun up several notches with: over the top, desperate sexuality, “Necromantik” references, and a truly disturbing Craig’s List personal ad that director Perry informed me was REAL (!). The cast can really make or break a short film, and I’m happy to say Rochon and Marancik’s interplay and comedic timing make this segment come to (blackly) humorous life.


                “Podophobia: Fear Of Feet” (directed by Jeremiah Kipp), a black and white, silent film is the next entry. Starring: Xiomara Cintron, Alejandro Santoni, Estefania Torres, Alden Etra, and Cole Bruno Nelson, this short is a foot fetishist’s nightmare! Stark and powerful, Kipp shows an even hand at pacing and suspense, even within these short time constraints.


                A very interesting (and, again, silent) take on the werewolf genre, “Selenophobia: Fear Of The Moon” (directed by Mike Polizzi) is an extremely well made short film, superbly acted by Mike Lane and the ethereally gorgeous Louisa Ward. I was amazed at the ability of the two leads to deliver an emotional, wrenching performance without the benefit of actual dialogue. This is how it’s done! Kudos to Polizzi and his stellar cast of two on managing to really stand out amid a collection of very well done shorts.


                 Thought provoking and chilling “Thanatophobia: Fear Of Death” (directed by Perry), deals with a young woman (the beautiful and talented Suzi Lorraine) waking  up after a night of partying in a cemetery. We soon find out things may not be exactly as they seem, when, unable to attract the attention of her date from the night before (Damien Colletti), we find out her doomed story in a series of flashbacks. An unusual take on the classic ghost story, this segment fits perfectly with the season!


                “Apehephobia: Fear Of Being Touched” (directed by Kipp) is a powerful array of black and white images of a young woman (Kelly Rae LeGault) living her worst nightmare as she is repeatedly touched by a crowd of hands. Short and concise, it leaves the viewer with a visceral, unsettling feeling, whatever their personal phobia may be.


                Bookending the silent shorts with the opening ‘bang’ of “Monophobia” is “Achulophobia: Fear Of The Dark” (directed by Perry) featuring genre vet Raine Brown as a woman deathly afraid of the dark during an ill timed power outage. Someone or something is determined to keep her in the dark, and Brown delivers a mesmerizing descent into hysteria as the candles keep going out and her apartment keeps getting darker…and darker…and darker. Sure to raise goosebumps on a stormy night!


                “In Fear Of” is a triumph. A collaborative effort from some of the genres most promising directors, who, by the way, have already made the horror short film medium their bitch several times, this series succeeds on nearly all levels because of  confident direction, incredible acting, great writing, and, above all, skillful storytelling! And that, friends, is something that is often sorely missing from the horror genre these days (especially on the low end of the budget spectrum)! So, dim the lights, pop some popcorn, snuggle up with a blanket and check out “In Fear Of” when it airs on Halloween! It delivers everything you need for the season, in short, easily digestible bites!! Just don’t light any candles…


An enthusiastic 9/10.


Tom Gleba-NerdRemix.com