“No Clowning Around”




Written by: Rob Dimension

Directed by: Rob Dimension & Matthew Burd


Principal Cast:

Ed/Mumbles—Rob Dimension

Trixie—Kim Dimension

Lenny—Steve Corino

Mr. Peepers—Sal Valente


          Mumbles the Clown has a problem. His live is spiraling down into a hole of alcoholism and insanity. This interesting short film from genre personality Rob Dimension (last seen being brutally dispatched in season 2 of “The Chainsaw Sally Show”) achieves something that few films of 20 odd minutes manage—it establishes a character that the viewer develops an emotional investment in.


          A grease painted train wreck of a man, Ed/Mumbles stumbles through his days in a haze of alcohol and self-loathing. The only bright spots in his grey existence are his junkie girlfriend Trixie, and the (somewhat) physical manifestation of the voices in his head, a puppet named Mr. Peepers. A tragic turn of events manages to shake Mumbles out of his routine and into a revenge mission that wraps up this intelligently put together, and exceptionally paced short to a suitably bloody conclusion.


          Visually, the film features a dark, gritty, yet sharp look that works with the subject manner in a very complimentary way. Sound and lighting are all pretty even, and the musical soundtrack really cooks right from the beginning. The small cast delivers very convincing performances; in particular Rob Dimension brings his “A-Game”, leading one to believe that this was a project that was very personal and cathartic for him.


          Dark, depressing, and rife with real emotion, “No Clowning Around” is a real achievement for everyone involved. It manages to, in a very short time, deliver a rich, entertaining story that is quite a departure from your typical “killer clown” fare. Hopefully it’s a precursor of more great things to come from this group of film-makers!