"Time To Kill"






Directed By: Brian Williams


Principal Cast:

Sara-Ellie Church

Lailah-Charlie Moon

Bambi-Brigid Macaulay

Jason-Jason Hignite

Steve-Edward Gracey

Leslie-Debbie Rochon


          Occasionally, very occasionally, a film maker trying to capture the mood, feel, look and vibe of classic exploitation films from the 60's and 70's succeeds. More often than not, they fail miserably. Thankfully, Brian Williams, with his first feature "Time To Kill", succeeds.



          This, kids, is the film that Rob Zombie wants to make, the film that Tarantino should  have made ("Death Proof" was shit, there! I said it... don't act like you all weren't thinking it...) , and the film that the unholy love child of Russ Meyer and HG Lewis would have made! Part "road" flick, part "biker" flick, part "occult shocker", part "revenge" flick, all wrapped up in a mid 60's era "nudie cutie" package, "Time To Kill" is ALL awesome.



          The ghost of Tura Satana is alive, well, and wrestling Ellie Church's immortal soul for control! Church, as Sara, is a gorgeous, machete wielding bad ass, bent on redemption or revenge before she breathes her last breath (you pick, I'm not giving the plot away). Picking up a comely cohort in Lailah (the very sexy Charlie Moon), Sara slices, dices, dances and delivers a cooly deadpan performance on her way to her former stomping grounds, a seedy strip club run by the mysterious Jason (brought to Mephistophelean life by Jason Hignite). Featuring a quick cameo from genre legend Debbie Rochon ( a sure way to get this reviewer's attention), and a great turn by Edward Gracey as the put-upon bartender, "Time To Kill" is a fantastic throwback that will have you, literally, standing up and cheering with each splattery kill!



          It's all here: the film scratches, the washed out colors, muscle cars, missing reels, and hallucinatory set pieces--but it's done well, without it coming across as a cheap imitation or "going through the motions"--this, friends, is testament to director Williams' self professed love for low-fi drive-in classics--he's feelin' this shit! And that adds an authenticity that just permeates this fucking cool little piece of indie cinema. Through some great camera work, Williams even manages to make a Midwestern setting seems just as bleak as the desert settings from the films that surely inspired "Time To Kill". A great, almost perfect, soundtrack (with some great tracks from El Creepo!) enhances the feel that you're at the drive-in watching a sleazy classic. And, lest we forget, lots of totally gratuitous nudity!! Yes!! A "bath in the barn" scene that will be indelibly burned into your psyche, a hilarious intermission that somehow manages to make hot-dogs sexy (and includes some amazing animation from Bob East), and a sizzling lap dance sequence with Moon and Brigid Macaulay (who, along with Pretty Poison, makes 2, count 'em 2, NerdRemix Horror Hotties of the Month in this film!), plus wall-to-wall dancers in the strip club scenes--Williams knows what guys like! Virtually the only thing missing is a greasy guy on a crappy Triumph motorcycle, sporting an American flag on the back of his leather and/or denim jacket!



          Very few gripes come to mind, and the total package is the most fun I've had watching a film in quite a while. "Time To Kill" is like a really good, classic Alice Cooper song set to film--you don't have to try to like it, you just do. And that, freaks, should be all the inspiration you need to pick up a copy when it drops (in a limited edition VHS release, initially...I've heard things...).




Scream King Tom