Zombie A-Hole

Director-Dustin Mills


After giving us an amazing “what the hell was that?” film with Puppet Monster Massacre, Dustin Mills slams us again with a gritty, stylish zombie film unlike anything seen to date.  Actually, what Mills has produced might be the first of its kind … a Zombie Slasher.  Zombie A-Hole is the story of a demonic monster who is killing twins, due to the special energy that twins share.  A zombie hunter named Fulci (brilliant!), after the murder of his sister, sets out to kill the demonic beast.


Fulci acquires a voodoo charm that guides him to the antagonist, who happens to be very well dressed for a zombie … pin stripped suit, red silk tie, and white gloves.  Along the way, he encounters the twin brother of zombie’s former human form, who is able to see and experience the kills of the zombie.  Together, they track the monster through piles of bodies and gallons of blood.  Zombie A-Hole is wild ride of gore, laughs, boobs, and puppets! 


Mills did an admirable job of assembling twin siblings who were willing do not only dies in horrible ways, but also provide some gratuitous flesh … a necessary component of good grindhouse.  He also delivers something rarely seen in microbudget films, respectable performances from unknown actors.  “We started the project knowing that we were going to go for a straight up grindhouse/drive-in experience.  We shot the whole thing guerilla style for about $800, made the best b-movie we could with what we had and basically refused to spend money”(Mills).  The mark of a true indie filmmaker!  “Or a poor one, anyway” (Mills).  The OTHER true mark of an indie filmmaker.  Keep it up Dustin, cannot wait to see what’s next!  For more info go to http://www.facebook.com/ZombieAHole.


-Jason Hignite