"Scarlet Fry's Horrorama"


25th Anniversary Edition


Directed By: Walter Ruether

Written By: Walter Ruether, Llana Lloyd & Michael Rider


          Purveyor of no-budget anthology collections, Scarlet Fry (Ruether) brings a trash classic back on DVD. "Horrorama", originally issued as a shot-on-video VHS in 1989, rears it's bloody head via this 25th anniversary edition, featuring an in depth interview with Ruether that's almost as long as the film itself.


          Mr. Ruether talks about his inspirational trips to the neighborhood video store to rent the many SOV classics we all hold so dear. The genesis of many of the segment's ideas and some truly funny anecdotes about the "casting" are discussed at length. Watch this first to truly appreciate the cheesiness that follows!


          Six segments featuring all manner of: cannibalism, domestic violence, the shambling undead, axe murders, beheadings, and a blind date gone horribly, horribly wrong (trust me!) are included in stories that run the gamut of horror sub-genres, all hosted by the peeling-faced Fry.


          Sure, some of the shorts are of dubious quality, and the limitations of the VHS medium--spotty sound, grainy picture--are front and center here. But isn't that kind of the point? What Ruether is trying to get across with this re-issue is a window to a classic age, a microcosm of the shot on VHS era, which birthed many films considered classics today. Hopefully with the resurgence of VHS, this mean spirited little "throwback" will find a new audience!


Ruether is self distributing the DVD, and signed copies can be had for $10 by emailing: waltruether@yahoo.com


7/10--Scream King Tom