Nerdremix Hall of Fame-Class of 2013




Joe Grisaffi and chuck Norfolk


The creative "one-two punch" behind this year's hilarious "Conjoined", Joe and Chuck were also partly responsible for getting NerdRemix co-founder Derek Huey deeper into the indie cinema world. Continuing to make new & interesting films, these two show no signs of slowing down.




Mike O'Mahony


One of the very few people who's films we anxiously await the opportunity to review, Mike always delivers the laughs, the boobs, the poop and whatever else may spew forth from his twisted melon. A tip of the hat goes out to this sick fucker!



Jeff Bromley


Whether he was kicking zombie ass ("IZM 1 & 2), slaughtering innocent families ("THe Giant Rubber Monster Movie"), or helping a dame in distress as Mark Anvil ("Noirmageddon"), Bromley always played the ultimate "Straight man" in Tom Berdinski's mad-cap films. Leaving this mortal coil all too soon, the late Mr. Bromley leaves a body of work, however brief, that will cement his legacy in no-budget blockbusters for years to come. We salute you sir! Thanks for the laughs.