NerdRemix Hall of Fame-Class of 2012



  David Sitbon

            Actor, Fan, nerd culture enthusiast--Mr. Sitbon personifies the NerdRemix spirit, with his coverage of genre events for the site, shout outs in interviews, and his exceptional acting work--"Antfarm Dickhole" anyone? He's truly been a friend of NerdRemix and a inspiration to all of us nerdy bastards!! Paging Dr. Devokees...




  Jessica Cameron

            The lovely Ms. Cameron (Horror Hottie of the Month-Sept. 2011) is always down to: hook us up with prizes, record lengthy bullshit sessions for podcasts, and dish the latest indie horror gossip. With an ever growing resume, she seems poised to conquer the horror world with her serious acting chops (and she looks really good doing it). We're proud to call her "friend". Look out, because she's blowing shit up!!!




  Rebekah Herzberg

            If one were to look up the term "Nerd Girl" in the dictionary, you might find a photo of the lovely Rebekah. Model, blogger, film fest afficianado, VHS junkie--- she's living proof that a woman can be a total nerd and still look hot doing it! Her "take no shit" attitude is what sets her apart from the pack, and we at NerdRemix love her for it!





  Marv Blauvelt

            Actor, writer, producer, and all around "nice guy", the marvelous Marv is a true genre renaissance man. With a vast knowledge of (and enthusiasm for) all things horror, Marv's Cronenberg inspired tales, and convincing acting skills are keeping lesser players on their toes. Marv is currently using his brains, brawn and drive to conquer the world of reality t.v. Will Musclewolf Productions become a household name? As long as this dude is drawing breath--bet on it!