Nerdremix horror hottie of the month-january 2013


alexis iacono




Hometown: I live in the Providence of Privacy


Selected Filmography:

Hot Fuzz starring Simon Pegg

In Bruges - starring Colin Farrell

Damage starring Juilette Binoche

La Femme Nikita starring Anne Parillaud

The Last Seduction starring Linda Fiorintino

Amelie starring Audrey Tautou

Romeo is Bleeding starring Gary Oldman

Tequila Sunrise starring Mel Gibson <---- don't ask, but I am addicted to this movie

Glengarry Glen Ross - starring Al Pacino

The God Father Trilogies

Harry Potter

Classic movies such as :

Imitation of Life starring Lana Turner

Gaslight starring Ingrid Bergman

The Apartment starring Jack Lemmon

The Odd Couple starring Jack Lemmon and Walter Mattheu

To Kill A Mockingbird starring Gregory Peck

Strangers on a Train - starring Farley Granger


Fave Horror Film:

A Clockwork Orange


Fave Musician/Band:

Pet Shop Boys


Inspires Me:

Brainstorms that go off in my weird brain



Makes Me Smile:



Makes Me Want To Kill:

Not Sleeping


My Horror Icon:

This may sound odd, but the horror genre fell into my lap. I do not know much about horror icons. But, I had a fantastic experience working with Sid Haig for The Devils Rejects in a project currently in post production called, The Penny Dreadful Picture Show. I have a BIG problem with clowns.... sooo when I realized he was Captain Spaulding, I was freaked out and excited at the same time. Pretty much how I live my life. And I like to keep it that way.


I Would Re-Make:

Not tellin',† trying to make that happen


The New Yearís resolution that Iím going to break within 24 hours is:

Play less first person shooter 360 video games, such as Deus Ex, Portal, Call of Duty


About Me and My Latest Project:

The lovely Jessica Cameron (Silent Night) described me best " Alexis is like a Cactus, pretty to look at, but don't touch"† She is 90% right. I am a VERY dedicated person and friend. I love men, travel, food, laughing so hard tears pour out of my eyes, family, animals. I love being an actress. BUT, I implore you. Do not wake a sleeping giant.


My latest project:

The Black Dahlia Haunting directed by Brandon Slagle, Starring SyFy's Monster Man Cleve Hall, Ghost Hunters Britt Griffith, Devanny Pinn, Noah Dahl, a cameo appearance by Jessica Cameron, portraying Norma Jean aka Marilyn Monroe.

I am the co-star in the film. I portray The Black Dahlia.



PLEASE pick up Fangoria Magazine December issue!!! A great write up of the Black Dahlia Haunting by Baker Appleton

The Black Dahlia Haunting trailer :

WoW Cataclysm Female Goblin vo's &

Prescott Place 2 minute scene -

The Eyes of Alexis Iacono - The Black Dahlia Haunting written by 'yours truly' in Fangoria Magazine online:

Blue Caprice trailer : 38 seconds (I will be heading to Sundance for Blue Caprice, directed by Alexandre Moors, and starring Isiah Washington. I have a small role in Blue Caprice, the bio pic about the sniper shootings that happened in DC in 2003. I portray a real victim.)