NerdRemix Horror Hottie of the Month-June 2012



Angelina Leigh



Hometown: Buffalo, NY

Selected Filmography: Dangerous People ; Blood of Ohma 3D; The Great American Serial Killer; The Four; Binary Samurai; Cleric; The Sleepover (fetish/horror short); House of Shatter Glass; Night of the Pumpkin; House of Horrors: the Movie; Queen City; ROTKAPPACHEN: The Blood of Red Riding Hood
TV: Playboy TV; Naked News Reporter and guest host

Fave Horror Film: Let The Right One In

Fave Musician/Band: I really have no favorites honestly.

Inspires Me: Death

Makes Me Smile: Life

Makes Me Want To Kill: Ignorance, Rudeness; Liars; child & animal abusers; anyone who tries to mess with me or the ones I love. I think everyone should make a small list of people who would go down with you if you had the chance and could get away with it! I know I do tee hee....

My Horror Icon:
girl with a knife, covered in blood. Cuz itís good for your skin.

I Would Re-Make: The Shining!

If Iím on the beach this summer, the drink in my hand will be: Margaritas, baby! cha cha cha!

About Me and My Latest Projects: Just wrapped up filming "Dangerous People" , a 1970's sexploitation dark comedy. Itís going to be a really awesome film!!! I am very proud of it. I am now working on writing and producing three shorts and one feature, all of which are dramas.