NerdRemix Horror Hottie of the Month-February 2014



Deidre Stephens


Hometown: Houston, Texas


Selected Filmography: Conjoined


Favorite Horror Film: The Strangers


Favorite Musician/Band: Led Zeppelin… only for Robert plants bulge and the presence of the devil himself !


Inspires me: My family and friends…of course ex lovers...


Makes me smile: Multiple trips to taco cabana in one day, liquor, shooting all sorts of weapons going to the buttnaked on fathers day, and time near the water.


Makes me want to kill: Idiots at rock shows who knock tables over…tables with my beer on them especially, skanks, being hungry…I then become hangry (hungry + angry), liars, and those who talk a situation or upcoming event up and don’t follow through.


My Horror Icon: Charles Manson…of course but I’m gunna go with Rob Zombie. I’d kill to collaborate with him.


I would remake: "World War Z" for sure. Maybe to make it, you know, like the fucking book.


This Valentines Day I would like to profess my undying love for: Joaquin Phoenix. COME ON!!! Look at his face… you cant, not, love it. Handsome as SIN!


About me/ latest project: Probably from reading the beginning of this little interview questionnaire you’re probably thinking I’m some sort of crazy. You’re right. I have a crazy temper but only when it comes to those I cherish most. I put everyone before myself and love my life even though I’ve hit quite the large amount of left turns this past year. I have a hard on for drag racing and hunting along with restoring antique furniture. I’m an adrenalin junkie and plan on being able to base jump by the age of 25. I would like to give a huge thank you to Chuck Norfolk, and Joe Grisaffi for asking me to be a part of Conjoined.  WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/CONJOINEDMOVIE Without that, I wouldn’t have had this honor to be here at NerdRemix. Also, thank you to Mallary…for taking these photos and being my rock through this difficult time in my life. I love you.

As for latest projects, you’re looking at it. I wanted this to be a tribute shoot to Sharon Tate. I was also asked to join a 48 hour film team for this may! We’ll see how it goes ;) 'Til then folks!


All Photos: Twisted Tree Photography-Houston, TX