Nerdremix Horror Hottie of the Month-December 2013



Devanny Pinn


HomeTown: Los Angeles


Selected Filmography: Dead SEa, The Black Dahlia Haunting, Truth or Dare


Fave Horror Film: Scream, A Serbian Film


Fave Musician/Band: Queen, The Spice Girls


Inspires Me: Anyone who dares to live their dream or break new ground


Makes Me Smile: Kittens, Strippers, Residual Checks


Makes Me want to kill" internet torrenters


My Horror Icon: Sarah Michelle Gellar. Freddy Krueger, James Wan, Leprechaun


I Would Re-make___: The Nightmare on Elm Street!


What I really Want for Christmas: For Los Angeles to grant free filming permits for micro-budget filmmakers! a RED Epic with primo lenses...and a hot pink chainsaw.


Links:,, twitter @devannypinn, instagram @devannypinn,