NerdRemix Horror Hottie of the Month-December 2012


Diane Foster


Hometown: Union, New Jersey


Selected Filmography: Halloween (original), Red Lights (original French Version), Suspiria, Psycho, Kubrick films, Tarantino, and films by Matt Farnsworth 


Fave Horror Film: The Orphan Killer


Fave Musician/Band: Guns & Roses, Johnny Cash, Blondie, every musician from the 70's, and I love music from old time movie musicals such as the Rocky Horror Picture Show 


Inspires Me: art and films made with passion and people who have overcome disadvantages to create personal bliss 


Makes Me Smile: my husband, my children, and the coolest fans in horror-the orphan brothers and sisters


Makes Me Want To Kill: This is not necessarily a bad thing….killing is a part of my job description. Murderous Psychotic Rage is normally where I'm at. What makes me just SICK is mean people and those who take advantage of and abuse animals and children.  


My Horror Icon: Marcus Miller The Orphan Killer


I Would Re-Make: Nothing. I am not into remakes. I find originality much more entertaining. I LOVE old movies, but I don't want to see it done again. I love it just the way it was. The way it was intended in that moment of sheer magic being put to screen. A remake seems an inappropriate attempt at recreating the past, and making money on it. What do filmmakers have to say today? That is most interesting to me. How long can people keep accepting the low hanging fruit from a remake? I demand new content. 


All I Want For Christmas is: Health, Happiness, and a shiny Red Porsche


About Me and My Latest Project: I am the star and producer of the breakout and banned indie horror film, The Orphan Killer (TOK). I have spent the last year traveling the world spreading the bloody message of the film. I have been featured as the Centerfold for Gore Noir Magazine and been included in spreads in Shock Horror Magazine, Scream Magazine, Girls and Corpses, and many online blogs. The film is a throwback slasher but something entirely new with many more movies to be had. Most recently, The Orphan Killer has become a part of a Murder Initiative from Creator, Matt Farnsworth. Right now, anyone with an email address can go to the Facebook Fan page and watch the movie for FREE. We want everyone to enjoy the brutality. We also have a big web series in the works in between now and the film's sequel. I really appreciate all the mad love I have gotten for the film and my work on it. There is nothing more satisfying than people enjoying what you have worked so hard on and hearing about it. 


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