NerdRemix Horror Hottie of the month-January 2014



Haley Jay Madison


Hometown: I was raised in Denver, Colorado, but I reside in Dayton, Ohio now.


Selected Filmography: Haunted House on Sorority Row, Kill That Bitch, Hunters


Fave Horror Film: Right now, its the Collector, but that always changes, and you can never beat the classics!


Fave Musician/Band: Mc Chris is not only my favorite musician, he is my hero.


Inspires Me: I find every day inspiring, seeing other people creating and making films, and new artists coming out with new work.


Makes Me Smile: Rainy days, scary movies, my friends and family.


Makes Me Want To Kill: Not being able to find my chapstick.


My Horror Icon: Danielle Harris


I Would Re-Make: Carnival of Souls


The New Year's Resolution I intend to break right away is _____: To start waking up, and getting my day started early.


New Years resolution: to act like a normal working adult, I know that won't last long!