NerdRemix Horror Hottie of the Month-April 2012


Hayley Nerdy






Haddonfield, IL

Selected Filmography:

Well I haven’t really done much yet (in fact your puny, insignificant little site is lucky to have me!) but look for me soon in “Cheese Grater Ravioli Massacre” I have a cameo!!

Fave Horror Film:
“Friday the 13th”-remake!!!

Fave Musician/Band:
I’m a HUGE Richard Marx fan!!

Inspires Me:
Gastro-intestinal disruptions, procrastination, little people.

Makes Me Smile:

Dead puppies, children smoking

Makes Me Want To Kill:

My Horror Icon:
Bob from “City of the Living Dead”—timeless!!

I Would Re-Make:
EVERYTHING!! All horror films SUCK!!!

When I do my “spring cleaning” I’d love to get rid of_____:
this rash…

About Me and My Latest Project:
Not much to say, maybe I’ll tell you some other time when I’m not as busy.