NerdRemix Horror Hottie of the Month-August 2012



Hollis Ireland




Hometown: South Suburbs of Chicago


Selected Filmography: I've done a few small films here and there for friends, but the one most worth mentioning is "Lewis," one of four films found in the recent release of the Psycho Street series from MuscleWolf Productions and TinyCore. I play a naughty school girl that gets involved with a lot of blood (and, believe it or not, this isn't a Troma release. Ha!).


Fave Horror Film: I'm going with an unconventional choice here: Antichrist by Lars Von Trier. It's a striking, artsy film filled with the horrors of reality. I adore Von Trier. He can take a scene and turn it into a moving photograph.


Fave Musician/Band: A few of my favorites include Tori Amos, Rasputina, REM, and just about anything from the minds of Maynard James Keenan and The Mars Volta.


Inspires Me: I am inspired by travel and change. I've moved between states several times within the past couple years, and have traveled south, east, and west in my car while on modeling tours. Striving for new experiences is what keeps me motivated.


Makes Me Smile: I have an obsession with the dead: taxidermy, road kill, specimens in jars, Plastinated organs, funeral practices, etc. If it pertains to death, then it will probably do more than just make me smile; it will make me light up like a toddler on Christmas morning.


Makes Me Want To Kill: As much as I love making B horror movies, a director with poor project management skills makes me cringe. Great casting, a passion for and experience in film making, and a forward-thinking attitude can easily overcome a small budget, but a bad manager can ruin it all (and my interest in becoming involved) in an instant.


My Horror Icon: Freddy Krueger. He can make you laugh while you're dying, and you'll remember his one-liners as you descend into the depths of boiler room hell. What other horror icon can claim such a feat?


I Would Re-Make: I'm quite tired of horror remakes. Aren't there any unique ideas left in the genre? I want to see new stories told even if they're still generally formulaic.


The best film I saw all summer was_____: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter was a close 2nd, but I think I'm going with another Von Trier piece: Melancholia. Sometimes life can be scarier than fiction.


About Me and My Latest Project: I'll be heading off to Hawaii this Fall for an internship, so I don't have any long-term film projects in the works. However, I'll be traveling a bit before I leave in pursuit of modeling gigs, so expect to see my portfolio grow over the next few months. I have no doubt that a few new horror concepts will be shot before the summer is out.