NerdRemix Horror Hottie of the Month-September 2013


Jessica Cameron


For the Upcoming release of Jessica's directorial debut "Truth or Dare", we decided to do a special "Truth Only" version of the game instead of the normal HHOTM questionaire--enjoy!


You don't have to name any names, but if you had a "free pass", would you murder someone? and if so, using what method?
  I would drug them, hang them from a rafter by their wrists with their feet bound  together and chained to the floor in an abandoned building (far away from the  world). I would shoot them several times, in parts where it would not kill them but it would hurt terribly. I would let them bleed out and die, screaming till they had lost their voice. I would sit and be present the entire time. Some crimes are only forgiven in death, some not even then. (Side note while writing this I actually thought to myself, "Oh No, I should NOT type this, it could incriminate me" and then I thought "well, its not like I am ever going to   DO IT...right?")


If you could steal one thing from one person, living or dead, what would you steal and from whom?
After my parents deaths their home was broken into and some of their things were  stolen. Including my mother's Scottish Thistle jewelry and my father's leather racing jacket. The cops did find those involved eventually though sadly those items were long gone. If I could steal anything from anyone I would get those items back.


Have you ever taken advantage of someone who was too drunk/high to realize what they were doing?
Nope. But I used to enjoy pranking those that were passed out drunk : ) MY favorite thing was to "HOOF" them. For those of you who don't know what that entails let me explain it : ) You take duck tape and make their hands into hooves, then tape their ankles together. When they wake up they can't get to the door or their phones easily ; ) (I should note that I would do this when someone was passed out at a party and was sure to wake them up and release them before I left)


What is your most embarrassing habit?
I bite my nails, all the time. I actually enjoy doing it. So I get fake nails put on and I bite them too. its a habit I don't like but one I enjoy enough that I don't worry about it!


What's the worst thing you've ever said about someone?
That they owed me money - it was true they did. I am referring to a few certain "film makers" (I am using quotes since these people are less film makers and in reality people who want to be film makers but have never been able to actually release a feature film), and I warned some actors who asked. The "film makers" were angry that I had told them, and tried to tell me that our contract was between us and none of their business. I wish someone had warned me about their past history and failure to pay their contracts so I stand by my choice to tell the truth to those actors that asked (it came out after I spoke out on them that they had been contracting actors to work on films for years, then never had the money to pay and the films would never come out). Lesson learned - a contract is only as good as the other party's ability to pay.



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