NerdRemix Horror Hottie of the Month-February 2012



Lilith Astaroth


Hometown:  Boston, MA

Selected Filmography:  God of Vampires, Scrooge in the Hood, Legless,
Nun of That, and the Cosplayer Nation documentary.  Okay, so these are
all films I've worked in, I'm biased.. :)   Half Baked is also one of
my go-to's when I need to laugh.  (Sadly, I'm not in that one.)

Fave Horror Film:  Carrie, easily. I always related to that girl...
well, ya know, except for being able to blow shit up with my mind.
Those are things I could only frequently fantasize about. During
puberty I actually did possess mild pyrokenetic ability (only
manipulation of existing flame, not actually sparking it out of
nothing) ... so when I discovered this film it held a special place in
my heart. <3    ...Incidently, I stopped "playing with fire" about 6
months after developing this skill, when one morning, my family awoke
to a massive fire in our kitchen...I got the hint..

Fave Musician/Band: Oh man there are so many to list.  In NO
particular order, here are a few. Behemoth. I am psyched to
see them in a few months, it's the first Behemoth tour since Nergal's
recovery from leukemia. We are so lucky to witness Behemoth live
again!!  ARGHH! I can't fucking wait!!
Slayer.  fucking Slayer... one of my earliest musical inspirations.
Alexi Laiho is a god to me.  Vocally and musically, he's an
amazing guitarist and some of his vocals give my ears orgasms.  A
couple people have said my vocals sound like his which I took as a
very deep compliment. Children of Bodom's early songs give me
Which leads me right into…Cradle of Filth.  This was the
first exposure to darker metal when I was about 16.  Little did I
know, years later, my vocals would be compared to his on nearly a
daily basis.  Although I haven't modeled my screaming after his, our
high ranges are nearly identical sometimes - it's creepily uncanny.
Nearly every time I have their music playing in the background,
whatever friend I'm with that isn't already familiar with Cradle says,
"Wow Lil you sound awesome, I really like your new stuff!"  ... no
matter how many times I hear it, it still gives me a smile and I feel
all fuzzy .. being compared to this amazing vocalist on such a regular
basis, who certainly was one of my earlier role models.
Sinergy - Alexi Laiho's secondary band for awhile, with an
amazing singer named Kimberly Goss.  Her voice is so incredbily
powerful and moving... and such an inspiration to me.
Marilyn Manson - although no longer a band I listen to
frequently, deserves mention because as a kid just starting to delve
deeper into rock/metal, these guys transformed my life and my vision
of who I wanted to be artistically.  The man behind the name was all
about shocking people and being incredibly weird and dark, with plenty
of satanic undertones within the music and message.
Black Sabbath, Thanks to my dad, I was exposed to the cream of
the crop, the grandfathers of metal right from the start.
There are so many others... here's a bunch more that I've enjoyed at
one time or another.. I'm sure I'm forgetting some.  Amon Amarth,
Pantera, Opeth, White Zombie, ICP, Agonoize, Dark Tranquility, Dimmu
Borgir, Emperor, Immortal, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Motley Crue,
Europe, Poison, Joan Jett, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Stabbing Westward,
Dethklok, Old Man's Child, Chthonic, Metallica, Megadeth, Testament,
Tool, A Perfect Circle, Korn,  Nile, Mayhem, Death, Cannibal Corpse,
Burzum, System of a Down, Type O Negative, Rammstein, Arch Enemy,
Norther, Finntroll, Turisas, Alestorm, Spineshank, Fear Factory, In
Flames, Deftones, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Ozzy, Superjoint Ritual,
Damageplan, Sepultura, GWAR, Lamb of God,  Isis, Meshuggah,
Dragonforce, Therion, Sonata Arctica, Skold, The Great Kat, Snake
River Conspiracy, Pandora's Toybox, Akashic Shadow, Mindless Self
Indulgence, Nine Inch Nails  Astral Projection, Combichrist, Wumpscut,
Lords of Acid, Infected Mushroom, Hocico, Laether Strip, Britney
Spears (yup lol), Snoop Dogg, Prospect Hill, Amber Ladd, Acaro, Faces
of Bayon, Matalon, and of course, SORROWSEED.

Inspires Me:  Any time I see any sort of display of kindness and
valiance amongst the chaos in this existence, I am inspired and
reminded to try and be a better person, and to think outside of myself
at least some of the time.  Support and admiration from my friends and
peers gives me more fuel than I can possibly put into words. Heroic
acts from both humans and animals are awe-inspiring.

On the flip side, disgusting behavior and ignorance inspire me to
write graphic lyrics about homicidal rage.  heh.  Unfortunately,
living in a hostile city full of pompous, rude, and sub-intelligent
jackasses such as
Boston, I am exposed to this on a regular basis.
It's not good for the mindset at all.

Makes Me Smile:  Food, conventions, sugar, bubblegum/white
widow/strawberry cough strains, the sound of glass breaking,  a night
on the town with my friends, animals being cute, smooches and hugs,
nature, traveling, seeing good metal shows, breakfast food of massive
proportions, latex, being on stage/performing, going on fun
adventures, being around my loved ones and pets!

Makes Me Want To Kill:  Gross stupidity and ignorance - people who
spread babies because they're too stupid to take basic precautionary
measures.  wtf?  It's not difficult to NOT get someone pregnant.. or
not get pregnant as the case may be ... but shocking amounts of idiots
can't seem to prevent this - and what's worse, they keep the offspring
despite the fact they can't even afford to support themselves... then
my tax money gets to pay for these people's fucking foodstamps and WIC
while they pump out kid after kid.  I hate you. Die.

If anyone harms or threatens any of my loved ones.  I am usually
somewehat of a rational person, but once someone crosses this line, I
forget all about the real possibility of ending up in a jail cell.
It's like a demon fully possesses me and takes over my mind.  All I
can see and all I want is to destroy whoever is responsible.  Luckily
I haven't actually ended up in jail for this, yet..

Female singer-songwriters!!!  *shudder* ... god you're all so fucking
horrible!  except maybe Tori Amos. (and my girly Amber Ladd. I <3
you.)  When I hear this stuff come on the radio in public places, it
makes me homicidally angry instantly (some of their voices are SO
GRATING... Jewel "Who Will Save Your Soul" for example?!) and I have
to either excuse myself or plug my ears up with my fingers. I've had
to do this in front of friends several times. They find it funny or
strange usually, but I truly cannot STAND it!

The average World of Warcraft player.  Don't get me wrong, I love
MMO's and have played several myself (UO and EQ back in the day, now
those were quality)... but I hate people who swear by this game.  Get
a fucking life and play something with an actual challenge, instead of
something my friend's 8-year old can also play easily (truth).  Wow
players tend to be far more obnoxious about their game than most other
gamers, as well.  pfff.  Noobs.

My Horror Icon:  Linda Blair.

On Valentine's Day I'm going to love:  Anyone who buys Sorrowseed's
album The Extinction Prophecies on iTunes! :

About Me and My Latest Project:
I have several interests, all of which have something to do with the
entertainment industry.  I guess I've always loved to be the center of
attention, starting from when I tormented my elementary school
teachers as the class shocking people in high school with
my open involvement with the occult, and interest in heavy metal. (I
formed my first band at 15).  Later I discovered I loved go-go dancing
and performing (it's a great way to exercise and have fun at the same
time) and that I had a natural ability for acting.  My parents had
encouraged me to try stage acting at a young ago, but I had stage
fright as a youngster, oddly enough.

Now I am very excited to have much of my creative energies focused on
my band, SORROWSEED, which draws influences from several different
genres, including doom, death, progressive, melodic, and black metal.
We recently released our first album, a double-disc, 20-track behemoth
of an album entitled, "The Extinction Prophecies".  We have added some
new members and are now writing new material that's even darker.  The
release of our first music video is around the corner, which was shot
during 2010 and is in post-production, so stay tuned for its'
release!!  We're also announcing several shows at various venues
New England as well as convention events and festivals.  We'll
be playing all over
New England, melting faces, and destroying necks.
Join our mailing list and find us on facebook to get notified of these
events.  Drop us a message, we want to hear from you metalheads!