NerdRemix Horror Hottie of the Month-May 2014



Miss Misery


Hometown: San Francisco

welcome to my Darkside: women in horror doc
Monster of
Golden Gate
Forgotten Tales
Just a few I've written/ directed and starred in

Fave horror film: Halloween (John Carpenter's)

Fave band/musician: Elliot Smith

Inspires me: the fact that you only live once do it all now

Makes me smile: my hubby John Gillette

Makes me want to kill: people who fuck with me

Horror Icon: hard to say but I would have to choose Michael Myers

I Would Re-make: Not to fond of remakes but if I had to I would remake "
Alice Sweet Alice"

This would be the summer that I finally finish:  my second feature film and have it distributed! Yay!

About Me and My Latest Projects: I have been in horror for about seven years now and I'm glad to day I've run events, a horror convention, a successful film fest, I have 18 short films under my belt and one feature in the editing room, one in production and three in pre-production. I have a successful tv show called movie massacre which is on Saturday nights at 9 on KCTH 27 and through out AT&T u-verse. I feel very blessed. I do have two special projects coming up which are a secret right now I cannot say much about them but just know that you will love them! :)
I also have three brand new comics coming out of Scattered Comics and my last three comic books are going very well. I've also published a poetry book through Black Bed Sheet Books and have another one on the way..