NerdRemix Horror Hottie of the Month-April 2013


Nikki Webster


Fave Horror Film:

I donít really have a favourite horror film.† One that has stood out to me in the past was pet cemetery, purely because I watched it when I was very young.† It was one of those moments where you would rather wet yourself than go to the toilet alone.† I havenít watched it recently so I canít really say if it will have the same effect on me.† It is usually the psychotic, possessed children in horrors that freak me out the most, along with the childhood toys they chuck in there too (shudder).† Apart from that I love gore and loss of body parts.† Oh and blood.

Fave Musician/Band:

Iím really not a Ďfaveí kind of girl (as you can probably tell).† I love songs more than I do bands.† I couldnít name a band that I love where I think every song on their album is amazing.† I am more in the rock genre though, I love older music too, Iíve not heard anything that has made me stop and say wow for a long time.

Inspires Me:

Inspiration, I find inspiration in a number of ways and places. I can find inspiration from a simple word or picture, itís the small things that make big things happens.† I like watching people pushing themselves to the limit, fighting for their goals with courage and determination. This gives me the drive and determination to do the same.†

Makes Me Smile:

Knowing that I am surrounded by AWESOME people makes me smile.† Watching the people I care about be happy. I also smile when learning new things, going to different places seeing different things, things I never knew existed.

Makes Me Want To Kill:

People mostly.† There are some individuals out there that, well need shooting! Oh and leaving tea bags on the side! Really what is wrong with people? Use a bin! I also hate people that do not respect others.† Rant over. 

My Horror Icon:

Can I say the giant marsh mellow man from ghost busters? I donít actually know, I donít have a favourite or icon as such.

I Would Re-Make:

Iíll let you know when exorcist chronicles is released.† (please donít hurt me Philip Gardiner)

Spring is in the air-I can't wait to _____:

Wear less clothes.

About Me and My Latest Project:

Me ? erm well you can find out more about me in several places, just follow the links below and you can find out about my latest projects and keep up to date on whatís happening with me.

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