NerdRemix Horror Hottie of the Month-April 2014



Rebekah Herzberg






Hometown: Beaumont, Texas


Fave Horror Film: Night of the Demons


Fave Band: Sad music like Lana Del Rey, Portishead, Amy Winehouse, and Etta James. I like the oldies like doo wop music and some Suzi Quatro. Also Johnny Cash, Nine Inch Nails, and anything 80s.


What Inspires Me: Debbie Downers that envy my life


Makes Me Smile: My kids, crawfish, my friends, and alcohol.


Makes me want to kill: The song Happy by Pharrell or any song by Steely Dan


Horror Icon: Robert Englund and Maria Ford


Film I'd like to see remade: Lemora


When I do my Spring Cleaning I'm getting rid of: Terrible films that only cause you drama


About Me & My Latest Projects:

            Filling out my own bio has never been an easy task. This is the best way I can describe myself: I grew up with a strict Jewish family in Southeast Texas. The arts have played a major role in my life since I was a toddler. My parents had their own TV show so I learned the ropes early on. Dance, theater, acrobats, choir, and modeling were among my activities and I continue to stay involved with each of these activities.


            Diving into competitive dance across the country placed me in the firing range early on so I developed a thick skin that shielded me from negative comments. I have been in several plays; Cabaret, Grease, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Bye Bye Birdie, and How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.


            In my down time I make appearances in horror films but the theater will always have my heart as it’s more challenging than screaming while covered in blood. I have also enjoyed roller derby in the past using the name “Jewn Cleaver.”


            Horror films have been a passion of mine since the tender age of eight. After reading too many Fangoria issues I decided I wanted to express my love for horror as well so I created my own website when I was 13 where I reviewed horror films. I put myself out there and began writing reviews for Joe Bob Briggs’ website, I See the Dead, Wicked Channel, Dreamin’ Demon, Horror Society, Unleash the Fan Boy, and now I have my own VHS column for Geek Juice Media. I currently own thousands of VHS tapes.


            In addition to writing I have hosted conventions and film festivals like Texas Frightmare Weekend in the past and I am currently the horror director for the Lagniappe Film and Music Festival. Sometimes I host horror podcasts like The Gash, Horror Socials, and alongside John Ginder. Another hobby of mine is donating and supporting the local women and children shelters. Every year I organize events to gather donations for those in need and I council battered women, runaways, and women who have suffered through abortions. This is part of the reason why I became an Ambassador for Women in Horror Month. Why not mix my love for horror and my love for charity together?


            My day job is bartending, going on ten years now. Some of my bartending recipes have been published in books like the Have a Heart Cook Book.


            You can look forward to my first film project Hanukkillah, starring Larry Carrell in the near future. On top of this I am writing a novel that centers around exotic dancers in psychological thrillers, horror, Sci/fi, and fantasy films with a foreword by Katt Shea. In July, you can catch me as one of the expert journalists on Oxygen’s “Snapped.”


            I like to keep busy because life is short and I do not intend on wasting any time. My two children are the loves of my life. I bring them along with me on all my ventures.