NerdRemix Horror Hottie of the Month-October 2013



Stephanie Anders



Long Beach Island, NJ


Selected Filmography:  

"Gina" in Sheriff Tom Vs. The Zombies (2012), "Jessica" in Indie Director (2013), "Missy Katonixx" in Call Girl of the Cthulu (to be released 2014), and more in progress!


Fave Horror Film:  

Ahh there are so many! Though it's been debated as horror genre or not, I think I will have to go with John Carpenter's "The Thing".  I love all movies Carpenter, but something about being snowed in with Kurt Russell, and relying on him to save me from alien spider heads really gets me going.. 


Fave Musician/Band:  

Grr again..  Why must I have to chose just one? hehe Iron Maiden is my all time favorite, they get four paws up!  


Inspires Me:  

Vintage movies and burlesque, music and stage presence from bands like Alice Cooper, David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, Queen, GWAR (I could go on), my talented friends, nature..  All kinds of places and people, even at the most random of times.  


Makes Me Smile:  

Great oral sex!! Speaking of which, my amazing man (hehe), my kitty cats, riding my motorcycle- Tankenstein (who is a 1999 Kawasaki Vulcan 800), adventure, music and curling up with a good science fiction or horror movie in bed at night.


Makes Me Want To Kill:  

Anyone who does harm to animals or those who cannot defend themselves, especially children and the elderly.  Bullies in general drive me nuts, people who act entitled or like they are better than anyone else need a swift kick in the arse. 


My Horror Icon:  

I suppose I would have to go with Frankenstein.  It's hard not to feel for the soul who, reanimated from dead parts, becomes the immediate social outcast in a town full of people calling him a monster.  He doesn't understand, and never asked to be there, but once he was, he only wanted friendship.  Instead was ran out of town.  Poor guy, I would have been your friend.  Let me get us some type of sugar snack from that era and I'll teach you how to dance. :) 


I Would Re-Make:  

Gahh I really am generally not a fan of remakes, so I'm not sure how to answer this one..  I've always thought that the majority of roles Juliette Lewis plays seem like the most fun (Natural Born Killers, From Dusk til Dawn, even Too Young to Die, etc.), but I wouldn't want to touch them because she is amazing! 


My "Worst Ever" Halloween costume fail was _____: 

Fail? What is this, costume fail? Halloween is my favorite day of the year!!! Failing is not an option! Hehe Not to mention because of my burlesque and all my conventions, I have a stock pile of costumes I've made to choose from!! 


About Me and My Latest Project: 

I am anxiously awaiting the release of Midnight Crew Studios "Call Girl of the Cthulu".  This was a lot of fun to make, everyone on set was a blast and very creative; the effects team especially had some really cool stuff up their sleeve! I am currently involved in making new acts for my burlesque troupes, Gruesome Twosome Burlesque and Rigor Mortis Revue, gearing up for the release of Gorgeous & Gory's Zombie Pinup Calendar coming out this November (which I will be in, and dancing at the release party), and auditioning for some new films! I am very excited to do more acting!