Nerdremix horror hottie of the month-april 2013

Will devokees



Hometown: Millville, Delaware

Selected Filmography:  Coco Alone, Rednecks vs. aliens, perils of posting, no method, Macabre medicine, daredevil faux trailer, alan, inhuman… and of course the league of science!!!!

Fave Horror Film: Phew… so many. The original evil dead has to be by far one of my favorite horror films! The movie frightened me as a kid.  After I first saw it I jumped to every noise in my house… which was basically a cabin in the woods. I loved how raw, and visceral it was. Plus it was genuinely creepy. I also respect what Sam Raimi and his crew went through. Sam is a personal hero of mine, and I love how he can come up with stuff on the fly to make his films work. Other films that inspired me to do what I do today are The fly 1985 remake, night of the living dead 1990 remake, Pumpkin head, American psycho… and ughh… the Grinch.

Fave Musician/Band: I listen to a lot of 80’s music. One of my favorite songs is Hungry like the wolf. I also listen to a lot of movie scores/ ost’s.

Inspires me: Sam Raimi… I’ve looked up to this man for many years and still look up to him. Willem Dafoe, I met him on set of a film once and he was the coolest guy ever!

Makes Me Smile: Creative people, the beach, films, and being on a film set J

Makes Me Want To Kill: Bully’s… bad abusive parents, and beach candles that don’t smell like the beach.

My Horror Icon: Cheryl… those eyes and that cellar still haunt me in my sleep.

I Would Re-Make: I’m not a big fan of remakes… but if I had to remake a film… probably phantasm… or poltergeist.

About Me and My Latest Project: Macabre medicine DVD is almost in the can, with some great extra’s on it! I’ve been working hard to make this movie a fun experience, and worth while, and I really think people will dig it. I also just wrapped a feature film titled “Perils of posting” which I got the lead in. And I got the lead in a web series. I am also writing a few scripts… and hoping to get a new film off the ground this year. I will also be making a new daredevil trailer! … So vote for Will Devokees as Matt Murdock. I am hopefully planning to direct a guest episode of the league of science… to be on the look out for that, and hopefully a resident evil short!

Links:  Check out my website! Has some of my work and check out my daredevil trailer on youtube!

April showers better f*%king bring me some...: … APRIL fools… Will Devokees as Hottie of the month….pfft get out of here! I’m sure I blinded more people than turned on. Have fun pranking people! Derek… Check in the mail?