NerdRemix Horror Hottie of the Month-July 2012



Kaylee Williams








Hometown: Elk Grove Village, IL

Selected Filmography: "Psycho Street," "Mediatrix," "Zombie Babies," "Disciples," "Porkchop II: Rise of the Rind," "Porkchopp3d," "Citizen in the Temple" and "The Many Monsters of Sarah Roth."

Fave Horror Film: I don’t really have a favorite horror film but some of my favorite genres of horror are psychological thrillers and horror/comedies.

Fave Musician/Band: The Dreaming.

Inspires Me: Life, death, love, pain.

Makes Me Smile: Cupcakes, the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, Gir, my guinea pig, being on set or on stage.

Makes Me Want To Kill: I wouldn’t say that I’d want to necessarily kill anyone, but maybe beat the crap out of them. My list would include anyone that hurts someone I love or care about, people that have no purpose in life but to spread hatred (for example – the
Westboro Baptist Church), child/animal abusers, rapists.

My Horror Icon: Does Joss Whedon count? Some of his work falls within the horror genre so I’m gonna say he counts. Working with him is on my List of Things To Do Before I Die. He’s a creative genius.

I Would Re-Make: I hate remakes.


This Independence Day I’m gonna make some fireworks of my own by_____: riding a stunt giraffe, starting him on fire, punching out a zookeeper, then going to jail.

About Me and My Latest Project: So far this year, I wrapped up “Anti-Bodies” (which is part of “Psycho Street”) in Ohio, “Disciples” in California, “Porkchopp3d” in West Virginia and “Dark Realm” in Indiana. Coming up next, I have a couple of top secret projects that I’m not allowed to talk about just yet, haha. I’m very excited about them and I will announce them as soon as I can! In the summer/fall, I have lead roles in “Feeding on Fear” and “Deadly Ringers,” a supporting role in “Bloody Mary” and a small role in “The Fallen One.” Several other projects are being discussed, but I can’t mention those quite yet either, haha. I’ve also got a few films booked for next year already!

My films “Zombie Babies” and “Porkchop II: Rise of the Rind” are going to be released through Alternative Cinema on September 25th.

I’m also working on trying to get myself back on stage, so I’ve been going on a lot of theater auditions. I miss the stage and would love to get back into theater.


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