horror hottie of the month-december 2010


Nicolette le faye



Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland

Selected Filmography: President's Day, The Chainsaw Sally Show, Witch's Brew, DJ's (webs series)

Fave Horror Film:
Carnival of Souls (1962)

Fave Musician/Band:
The Zombies

Inspires Me: Walking through the city and suddenly hearing the sound of a clock tower chiming. It reminds me how great it is to be alive and not to take time for granted.

Makes Me Smile: DVDs from the dollar store. Where else can you find a film starring David Hasselhoff AND Linda Blair, or films like Swamp Women or Cop in Blue Jeans?

Makes Me Want To Kill:
Fanatical Christians on my doorstep.

My Horror Icon: Vampira

I Would Re-Make:
I can't think of a film I'd like to remake. I don't typically like remakes. However, I would LOVE to make a film based on some of the original Grimms' fairy tales. Talk about blood and gore!

All I want for Christmas is: More vintage dresses, a Roland Jupiter-4 synthesizer, and a scholarship to a ballet school.

About Me and My Latest Project:
I'm kind of a jerk of all trades. In addition to acting in horror films, I also am a burlesque performer, ballet dancer, costume designer, trapeze artist, and play synths and sing in the band Double Date.

This fall, I shot a film called “The Serpent's Tongue”, in which I play a teenage goth girl who is secretly in love with her best friend...a girl who may be possessed. It's definitely more of a supernatural drama than some of the more campy horror films I've made. Also, watch for the release of The Chainsaw Sally Show on DVD January 11, 2011, distributed by the fine folks at Troma!