horror hottie of the month-february 2011


Shayne Leighton




Hometown: Boring Beach, Florida


Selected Filmography: The Incubus and Legend of the Red Reaper


Fave Horror Film: LEGEND OF THE RED REAPER with Tara Cardinal


Fave Musician/Band: Florence + The Machine (because she's another amazing redhead)


Inspires Me: Music inspires me. I don't even have a particular favorite genre, I just love music and I LOVE to sing almost as much as I love to act...and I'll start singing everywhere. I don't even care who's listening. I just need to be constantly surrounded by music. Being surrounded by other creative people inspires me a lot too.


Makes Me Smile: Getting up at 6am for a call time - or staying up from dusk til dawn for a night shoot. Having somewhere exciting to be. Basically, working makes me smile. Also - Tara Cardinal wielding a sword twice her size...that makes me smile ;-D


Makes Me Want To Kill: People who think overnight success exists. It doesn't. Certain people *ahem* bust their asses every day because they are passionate about what they do. People who traipse in demanding immediate success just because they're beautiful...makes me want to kill.


My Horror Icon: Wes Craven...he is soooo sick.


I Would Re-Make: The Phantom of the Opera...oh...wait...I believe we are doing that!


On Valentine's Day I'm going to be loving _______: Wouldn't YOU like to know ;)


About Me and My Latest Project:


My two latest projects are Of Light and Darkness and Masque. O.L.a.D. is currently in development and is also based off of my original novel being released later this year by Decadent Publishing. Masque began as Tara Cardinal's concept and is being written by me and is basically a gender-reversing twist on "The Phantom of the Opera." My last project was The Incubus, which I wrote, co-directed, and starred in. It's currently available for sale at!




The Incubus Movie