horror hottie of the month-november 2010


Sophia disgrace










Hometown: London,U.K baby!

Selected Filmography: Bear Scary, Animal Soup

Fave Horror Film: A hard one to call, I'll go with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,it set a whole new standard in the horror genre and is still as freaky as hell today! Also: George Romeros Night of the Living Dead,† Lars Von Triers Anti Christ, [Rec], American Werewolf in
London, Guinea Pig series, any Dario Argento, Shogun Assassin, Hanzo the Razor.

Fave Musician/Band: The Melvins, Iron Monkey,† The Prodigy, NIN, Cypress Hill, Wu Tang Clan, Discharge...

Inspires Me:
Trying new things, traveling, music and film, art of varying forms, random people!

Makes Me Smile: My children and other half Tom, chilling with my homies(!),cute lil animals and local crazy people!

Makes Me Want To Kill:† Around 99% of the general population. And politicians/the pope/big corporations/society as a whole.

My Horror Icon: Ohh another toughie-maybe Freddy-sure he is a kiddy killer and all but c'mon he is such a funny guy!

I Would Re-Make: Iím totally anti the whole remake thang-its been done badly too many times! I wouldnít do nada!

In November, us "Yanks" celebrate Thanksgiving, what are you thankful for?: Iím thankful for my friends, family, my health, creativity and intelligence, the 'little things in life' and my ability to drink copious amounts of whiskey...

About Me and My Latest Project: Iím always busy busy busy-lots coming up modelling, acting and performance wise-check out my link below for all the latest Sophia Disgrace schizle!