Jessica Cameron



1.   As a Canadian, could you publicly apologize to us for Bryan Adams?

   I am so busy apologizing for Celine Dion and Justin Beiber that I rarely make it to Mr.Adams.


  2. Which is scarier--Camel Spiders or Camel Toes?

  Camel Toes - I have seen Jerry Springer once or twice, those bitches are CRAZY! I realize I did not fare so well against my   last outing versus the Camel Spiders, but am confident that I would kick ass in round two!

  3. Star Trek or Star Wars?

  Star Wars! Though I have to confess I have not seen any of either of the series the entire way through... (I know, I lose      points on that one...)

  4. What's the oddest thing we'd find in your purse?

   A can of wet cat food. I seem to find stray cats everywhere. So I try to catch them or at least give them food. And I keep some in my car too. So if you are ever wanting a cat, let me know...

  5. In your opinion, what is the "official" tattoo of the douche-bag?

   Anything that looks like it came off a TapouT t-shirt. Double douche-bag points if the tattoo is visible while wearing a TapouT t-shirt.


Look for Jessica in the upcoming “Silent Night”, in theaters Dec. 7th!