Angelina Leigh





1.           Ohma or Snooki--who is the scarier monster?


Well, let us compare. My character in BLOOD OF OHMA 3D was in love with one. She has awesome sex with him, so I am thinking he has a great penis and is a great lover. Downside, he probably has fleas and stinky breath, and his nails most likely need clipping. Snooki on the other hand, is quite fugly and orange, with that weird high hairstyle thing going on. She is much dumber than Ohma also. She could never live on her own in a forest, even if she does act like a wild animal that comes from one. Ohma knows he is a bigfoot and is proud. Snooki pretends to be Italian, which she is not. Ohma never gave my ethnicity such an awful name like Snooki has. She makes us look like dirty , stupid, bottom feeders. I wouldn't mind if Ohma took over the human race. But if Snooki did, our earth would go to hell fast. So I would have to go with Snooki being MUCH scarier. Itís a no brainer there!

2. Is it okay to use "Fix-A-Flat" on an "Inflate-A-Date"?


Not sure about that one. I really am not into collecting inflatable people. Only dead ones.

3. Why do women find Johnny Depp sexy?


I find him attractive not for looks, he is actually not the greatest looking man in Hollyweird. What I am attracted to is his sincerity, how he is a loyal family man first before a well known actor, and how he protects his family from the spotlight. I am attracted to the "stand up guy" type like that. He makes a great husband and father. Itís not "all about him" with him.

4. As a smoking hot model/actress, is the old story "I was an ugly, gawky teenager before I became a smoking hot model/actress" that we hear all the time bullshit or not?


Iíve actually modeled since I was a child actor in commercials. In my pre teen years I also modeled catalogs like Pennys, Sears, Kmart etc... In my teens I did commercials again, along with in store modeling. I always had very clear skin and nice thick hair. I donít think I was the prettiest....there will always be someone prettier than you, everywhere you go, no matter who you are. But I was not the ugly duckling. I doubt most of the girls who say they were, actually were. Some models tend to have low self esteem and see themselves as ugly if they do not receive a lot of compliments. When they start modeling, they begin to get these compliments. This makes them think they were ugly before.

5. Have you ever screamed so loudly on set that you lost your voice?


I am full blooded Italian.. We are used to bitching on and I donít think I CAN lose my voice ! haha!

Angelina can be seen in the upcoming film "Dangerous People".