James Balsamo





1. Worst hangover--Tequila or Drain-O?


Well I'm pretty sure after a long night of drinking Drain-O, you wouldn't wake up to have a hangover...So, I'm thinking I’ll go with Tequila on this one.


2. If we ask nicely, would you put more tits and less penis in your next film?


Yes, double the nipples and just the tip next time.


3. The American Executioner and Jason Vorhees in a fight to the death--who wins??


That is a trick question because Jason Vorhees is already dead.


4. If you could pick one person, living or dead, to kick in the crotch--who would it be?


The Wolfman of course, because the Wolfman has nards.


5. What would your "Gangsta Rap" name be?


My name would be mc Balls Ammo, and my hit single would be "Girl You Look Fine (While you swallow my Glock 9)"


Look for “Cool As Hell”, the new film from James’ Acid Bath Productions-coming soon!!!