5 Stupid Questions


Marlena Midnite





1.                Let's not mention "Twilight", but when it comes to screen vampires-are you "Team Lugosi" or "Team Lee"?

I think I am still a team-Lugosi girl although I certainly love Hammer productions from their heyday. Btw Peter Cushing was one of the coolest men to ever walk the earth, even in Star Wars "You may fiiiiire when readyyyy, You're Far too trusting"

2. After the photo shoot for the "Eurosleaze Vol. 1" DVD cover, did it hurt when you ripped off the tape covering your "lady parts"?

Nope, there was nothing covering my Lady Parts, there's nothing covering my Lady Parts RIGHT NOW! I walk around naked all the time, occasionally I get dressed and do a show.

3. What was the best injury ever on the set of "Midnite Mausoleum"?

About a year ago I stepped on a nail, and bled a whole bunch, it made Robyn gag, it was awesome.

4. Better celebrity sex tape--"Tommy Lee and Pam Anderson" or "Kim Kardashian and Afrodesious"?

"Eddie Murphy and the Tranny"

5. Have you ever met anyone who looked just like the Geico Caveman?

Nope, but then again I have almost no knowledge of pop culture so I have no idea who that is.




Marlena Midnite is the host of “Midnite Mausoleum”, the premiere horror film showcase—check local listings and the website for times and features!!