5 Stupid Questions


Marv Blauvelt


1. Argento or Fulci?

I love both Argento and Fulci....but gotta go with Fulci since he has influenced some of our work at Muscle Wolf.

2. When is it okay to come in second?


It okay to come in second when it's one if the other Muscle Wolf guys...or Tiffany Shepis...who has come in first! Lol.... No really, it's ok to come in second when I know that I have done the absolute best I could do, and whoever came in first did a near perfection job at it.

3. Name 3 things you'd rather not do with your hands.


1. Clean out a cat litter box.
2. Kill spiders
3. Grab a door handle at a public

4. What's your favorite "Scooby-Doo" character?


I always thought that Daphne was hot and wanted her to be my girlfriend...she was the cartoon version of a "Scream Queen"!

5. If you were to do a voice over for a commercial, what product would you be selling?


I would have to say " Captain Crunch" cereal...even though it hasn't been on my "Bodybuilding diet" for years...lol...I really loved that shit as a kid!



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