5 Stupid Questions



Susan Adriensen




1.      What's the easiest habit for a nun to drop?

Dropping their undies (unlike “Sister Louise” in Lewis) because they
are such virtuous creatures.

2. Has there ever been a time when you were dancing where the normal
response of "holy shit! that's hot!" wouldn't have been appropriate?

I’m sure you’re thinking about my belly dancing … but!, I actually do
the Elaine “Little Kicks” dance (from Seinfeld) at clubs with my
girlfriends.  People look at me strangely.  So, that should answer
your question....

3. Conan (1982 Schwarzenegger) or Conan (2011 Jason Mamoa)--who'd you rather?

I didn’t see the 2011 version, but … Jason Momoa... oh, mi mama!

4. What celebrity deserves a "bitch slap"?

Angelia Jolie for that stupid leg pose.  She shouldn’t have to work
that hard to look sexy....

5. "Brass Monkey" or "Gin and Juice"?

Can I answer neither and say Cucumber Martini?  Yum!  Had 2 last
night.  2 too many!



Check out the lovely Ms. Adriensen in “Lewis” coming soon!