5 Stupid Questions



Tom “T-Bomb” Berdinski





1. Would you describe yourself as "harder than Shaft" or "smoother than Dolemite"?

Neither, but I bang like dynamite!

2. Catriona MacColl or Barbara Steele--who'd you rather?

Oh, such a tough call there. I've met them both, but Catriona MacColl has been my dream girl since I first saw her in Fulci's "Gates of Hell", plus after we talked about my Italian Zombie Movies she autographed a picture for me with "I hope I'll still be your inspiration - with Love, Catriona". CATRIONA for sure!

3. When is it okay to wear white after Labor Day?

After I've bleached my summer undies for the fall season.

4. Favorite 80's band?

The Go-Gos! (The more I listen to my 'Noirmageddon - A Mark Anvil Thriller' soundtrack the more I think I was ripping off "Head Over Heels"...)

5. Sascratch or Mark Anvil--who would win in a game of golf?

Mark would take a golf tee and shove into Sascratch's eye on the first hole that Sascratch out-distanced him, but Sascratch would pull an "Asscratch" and rub fresh, wet dingleberries on the handles of all of Mark's clubs. That would result in a fist fight which Mark would typically win, except he'll forget Sascratch has that disintegration beam (Sascratch often forgets he has that himself) and he would fry Mark after a few sucker punches. Sorry Mark but Sascratch has a sequel coming up. Best you can hope for is a prequel (Oops - spoiler!)


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