Jasmin St. Claire: adult legend, metal music personality, actress, author, and all around bad ass.  

Photo by: Nina Red


It doesn't matter in what medium you've seen her in, it's a guarantee you remember her. The full lips, the raven hair, the incredible body--wow! I interviewed her a few years ago to get her thoughts on all things metal and horror and found her to be an intelligent, thoughtful, insightful, and talented person. The fantastic Ms. St. Claire recently added some new genre credits to her resume, so the time was right to chat with her again (right, like I needed a reason to chat with one of the hottest women on the planet...) read on and enjoy!

Photo By: Wicked Visions

Tom Gleba: So, you have 2 hotly anticipated films coming out, "Blue Suede" and "Army of the Damned", what can you tell us about them?

Jasmin St, Claire: Army of the Damned is already out & I played an FBI agent in that.

Blue Suede is really going to be an amazing epic mob thriller. I play the character Angie Pizzano. I'm really excited to work on that. He has a great cast & script. The same director, JR Hepburn has some super great projects slated for this year including a horror film I really can't talk about.


TG: I noticed you're also booked at a certain guitar player's horror convention (Kirk Hammett's Fear Festevil), how did that come about?

JSC: I heard about the convention through friends. 


Photo By: Scott Uchida


TG: Are you excited to meet and greet genre fans?

JSC: I am definitely beyond enthusiastic about the event & meeting the fans. I'll be signing on Friday and Saturday from 1-2pm. I'm

So stoked to see carcass play.


TG: James Balsamo is a director whose projects I always look forward to, how did you come to be involved with "Catch of the Day"?

 JSC: Through my agent. James is allot of fun to work for and a funny actor. We had a lot of fun. I played an interrogator ..he did some things that made me laugh.


TG: Is there a role in a film or book that you see and think "I was destined to play this, if only..."?

JSC: Not that I can think of, but I'm definitely interested in working with whomever is interested.

I'd like to work for Len kabinski again. I'd def love to work on "sons of anarchy".


TG: What directors are you digging these days?

JSC: Robert Rodriguez, Jessica Cameron, Oliver stone, kurt sutter and a few others.


TG: As one of the hottest women on the planet, would you ever do a role where you had to appear in hideous prosthetic make-up?

JSC: Absolutely!!! This is what acting is all about.


TG: Are you still involved with metal music? What bands are in heavy rotation on your playlist?

 JSC: I have always been a fan & just shot a pilot for a music tv show. Bands on my playlist: King Diamond, Carcass, Iron Maiden, Cannibal Corpse, Amon Amarth and Arch Enemy.


Photo By: Scott Uchida


TG: Future projects-are you planning on doing any more horror films?

JSC: Devils door movie, caped crusader is this weekend and if course I'd love to work in more horror films :)


TG: You seem to have a million things going at once-how the fuck do you do it? 

JSC: I ask myself that same thing. We are re issuing my autobiography and it has been taking up sooo much time. I really am focused on everything I do and put everything into my career cause that's all I really care about these days.


TG: What's the one talent that you have that no one else knows about?

JSC: I can speak several languages and I ride motorcycles..and love to shoot guns .