Jasmin St. Claire-actress/personality/model/wrestler/adult film legend has appeared in more than few horror genre films in her career (most recently “Swamp Zombies!!!”-2005) and works extensively in the metal music scene. As it turns out, she loves horror films! The gorgeous Ms. St. Claire was kind enough to take time from her busy schedule (this girl works ALL the time!) to answer some questions about life, music, horror and nerdity with Tom from NerdRemix.com. There’s much more than meets the eye…





NerdRemix-  Most people only know you as this "hot actress", but you're involved in the metal scene as a manager/journalist/host personality, pro-wrestling, and you still model and act-just how busy are you these days?

Jasmin St. Claire- I stay pretty busy when I want to. I work for “Stay Heavy T.V.  in Brazil (the #1 metal show) I no longer work with the “Metal Scene” T.V. show since that is on hiatus for now. I started band management as well. I just started writing for “Roadie Crew” magazine in Brazil and I will be working on a horror film called “Murder Bunny”. If the opportunity arose, I would probably wrestle again. My autobiography comes out on the 20th of October as well.

NR- There's many parallels between the music world (especially metal) and the horror genre, and you've actually appeared in a couple of films-are you a fan of the genre and if so, any favorite movies?

Jasmin- I definitely love horror films!! I like “Trick Or Treat” (the soundtrack was cool!) and I enjoyed “Freddy vs. Jason” and the new “Omen” movie. I am also a huge Dario Argento fan. I love acting in horror films. I am a firm believer in the paranormal.

NR- What projects do you have coming up that we all need to look out for?

Jasmin- My autobiography "What The Hell Was I Thinking?: Confessions of America’s Most Controversial Sex Symbol" (Release date 10 October 2010). I do some work on a popular T.V. show, but choose to keep that independent on this and my name.

NR- MTV Brazil, Metal's Darkside, Rock Brigade-what drew you to metal in the first place, and what bands are you currently into?

Jasmin- I have been listening to metal since I was a kid. If you read my book, you can see where it started. My favorite bands?..Hmm...I listen to a lot of dance/club music, since hands down I kill it on the dance floor! Metal bands:  Iron Maiden, Emperor, King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Cannibal Corpse, Sepultura, Suffocation, Accept, very, very old Dimmu Borgir, Judas Priest, Overkill, a lot of “Hair Metal” (Ratt, Van Halen, etc.) 3 Inches Of Blood, Hibria and Testament.

NR- You being of Russian/Brazilian descent, and me being a big MMA fan, I have to ask: do you have a favorite fighter?

Jasmin- No…I just like the Gracies and they are the real deal. I think this MMA stuff has become too commercialized.

NR- Jenna Jameson famously did an ad campaign for Jackson guitars a few years back and many people thought that couldn't be topped until we saw you modeling with BC Rich, EMG,and Coffin Case and we realized no one looks sexier draped over a guitar (not even close)-how did you get involved with those companies?

Jasmin- My friend Jack introduced me to Coffin Case and then from there, my press agent approached the other companies.

NR- Back to acting-do you have a dream project or director (or both) you'd like to do?

Jasmin- I would like to do “Hostel 3” or work with Eli Roth, and just some killer horror films. I would like to die in the most vicious and gory way on screen! I love legal dramas as well.

NR- Are you still involved in wrestling? Do you have any future plans with it?

Jasmin- If the opportunity comes up, then yes.

NR-  Describe a "perfect day" in the life of Jasmin St. Claire.

Jasmin- Wow!..*laughs*...I have had many of those. It usually involves waking up, getting grapefruit juice, a small breakfast, checking email, working out , going to the beach, doing business, having sex at some point and then a great dinner with a glass of wine. I am real simple. I hate materialistic people who cannot just be happy to be alive, have happiness within themselves and just be happy being among friends.

NR- What's the "nerdiest" thing about you?

Jasmin- *Laughs* I know how to “hack” things and I’m currently studying to got to law school in Europe. I used to work with an investigator and I know how to do forensic accounting…Shhhhh!