"Roses are red...

                           ...Violets are blue...

                                                           ...here's two dark, sexy ladies...


                                                                                 ...all covered in GRUE!



Make It A "Good Sisters" Valentine's Day!!


The absolute BEST Valentine's Day film for the discriminating horror fan HAS to be JimmyO Burril's torrid love letter to 70's occult films, the critically acclaimed "The Good Sisters"!

Featuring the ravishing April Monique Burril as Kindra and genre legend, the Goddess Debbie Rochon as Breanne, it's a perfect fit for lovers! There's: sex scenes, scantily clad witches, and an actual heart gets stolen!!




So, here's what you do--follow the link below, order the Psycho-Sexual Director's Cut DVD for only $9.99 (it even comes SIGNED!), then, you go out tomorrow when all the Valentine's Day stuff is discounted, you buy some chocolates, flowers and a nice bottle of wine, a few days later when it arrives, you dim the lights, light a candle or two, pour a glass of wine, cue the movie and you (and possibly someone you love) are guaranteed an amazing evening!! It's a "No Brainer"! (or a No-Heart-er...or something)






This has been a public service announcement brought to you by: Forbidden Pictures and NerdRemix.com...you can thank us later.